Permanent hair removal for light hair


Does permanent hair removal work on light hair?

February 10, 2023

Do you have light hair and a light complexion - but would you still like to be able to permanently remove annoying hairs? If in doubt, this can't be that easy, because many common methods of permanent hair removal unfortunately don't work for light hair.

Permanent hair removal for light hair
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The reason for this is the missing Melanin in the hair, which uses the light pulses from lasers etc hair root should forward. In this article we will explain to you how you can permanently remove your light hairs and which semi-permanent method is a good alternative.

Diode laser: The right method for permanent hair removal of light hair? 

In order for you to understand why permanent hair removal is sometimes not possible with light hair, you must familiarize yourself with the technology Laser hair removal Berlin Mitte be familiar. At Sanft & Schön we usually treat your hair with an innovative approach diode laser-Technology on the collar. 

Laser hair removal for light hair: Lack of melanin makes treatment difficult

With wavelengths from 755 nm to 1064 nm, diode lasers are ideal for deep-seated Hair follicles and to treat very thick hair. The most important component is melanin, more precisely reddish, brown and black pigments that give skin and hair their individual color. The light from the laser is absorbed by melanin, converting the light energy into heat, destroying the cellular structures responsible for hair growth. In the best case scenario, the skin remains permanently hair-free.  

Eumelanin vs. Pheomelanin: The hair pigment decides 

Permanent hair removal using a diode laser works particularly well for dark hair on light skin: here only the hair absorbs the light pulses, while the skin is hardly affected. This is because dark hair has a lot Eumelanin contains - in light hair it is pigmented red-yellow Pheomelanin predominant. The latter cannot absorb the light energy and convert it specifically into heat. An effect that you may have already observed in the summer: While dark clothing charges in the sun and makes you sweat more, light-colored textiles reflect the sun's rays and help you keep a cool head. There is also at the Laser hair removal risksthat you should definitely know. Permanent hair removal on light hair requires other root-damaging factors that suspend hair growth in the long term.  

Permanent hair removal for light hair: Super Hair Removal as a solution?

A now proven method for the permanent hair removal of light hair is Super Hair Removal - for short SHR. SHR combines laser technology with IPL-Pulse light procedure and thus guarantees a gentle and painless treatment without affecting the result. This variant of permanent hair removal only uses the melanin route in the hair to a small extent, but mainly works via the skin on the stem cells that are responsible for hair production.  

'In-motion method' for permanent hair removal from light hair

The special thing about the SHR method is that it does not use high energy peaks like laser hair removal, but rather the skin tissue is treated with significantly lower energy but with many repetitions. In this way, the melanin in the hair and the tissue of the stem cells are gradually heated to a moderate temperature of around 42-45°C. In comparison to the diode laser, the so-called 'in-motion method' is used. This means that the handpiece with the light pulses glides over the skin in constant movement. This means that the temperature on the skin is maintained for a certain period of time.  

SHR ideal for light hair or dark skin 

Due to the longer exposure time and the warming of the skin, the Proteins, which promote the development of hair roots, is destroyed. Ideally, these no longer grow back permanently. Because the treatment works primarily on the skin, even thin or very light hair can be removed, which was previously hardly possible with other methods. SHR is also suitable for dark or tanned skin, which is otherwise difficult to treat.  

Permanent hair removal for light hair: When does SHR not work? 

Super Hair Removal can also reach its limits. The method cannot be used if your hair has been epilated, waxed or plucked, because you still need the hair as a bridge to conduct the heat into the skin. It also becomes problematic if your skin is tattooed. Since the light pulses cause color changes and a health risk cannot be ruled out, tattoos must not be treated.

Is your skin prone to birthmarks? Birthmarks contain the pigment melanin and therefore absorb light rays more strongly than other parts of your skin. We recommend that you avoid heavily pigmented areas of your skin or cover them if possible so as not to cause any unwanted, skin-altering reactions.  

Permanent hair removal for light hair
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Effective method: Permanent hair removal from light hair using electrolysis

Another, albeit somewhat more complex, method for permanent hair removal of light hair is electrolysis Needle epilation called. In contrast to other variants, electrolysis does not work with light or laser pulses - and can therefore be used regardless of hair color.  

Hair by hair: This is how needle epilation works

During needle epilation, each hair is removed individually at the root. How exactly does this work? A very fine, sterile needle is inserted into the skin along the hair and pushed up to the hair root. A current pulse is then sent to the hair follicles, destroying them. This permanently prevents hair from growing back. Because the procedure takes significantly more time than, for example, SHR, you should have electrolysis carried out primarily on small parts of the body. For example, the face or the bikini area are ideal.

Electrolysis as permanent hair removal for light hair: advantages

A big advantage of needle epilation is its precise execution. You can be sure that the current pulse reaches exactly the right place. This means that only the hair root is actually treated and the surrounding skin is not affected. Electrolysis is also suitable for skin structures with moles or tattoos. Because no light pulses reach the surface of the skin, neither tattoo ink nor melanin can react with it and trigger unwanted side effects. In addition, needle epilation is an effective, promising tool, especially for small areas of the body. You have a ingrown hair in the intimate area? Electrolysis also provides relief here.    

You should consider this before needle epilation 

Are you having needle epilation done to permanently remove your light hair? Similar to that Laser hair removal preparation You should also take a few factors into account in advance when carrying out electrolysis. Make sure that your hairs are at least two to three millimeters long - so waxing or epilating is absolutely taboo before needle epilation! This is the only way your trusted beautician can insert the needle into the right place. Also - as with all other methods of permanent hair removal for light hair - keep in mind that it takes several treatment stages until all the hairs are actually removed. This is due to the cyclical growth of your hair: only 20 to 30 percent of the hair is in the active phase and growing. The rest are in a kind of dormant state and will reactivate in a few days or weeks. Your skin area will therefore always be carefully treated at the next appointment so that there are no hairs left at the end of the treatment cycle.  

After electrolysis: Consider the following factors

To prevent complications from occurring after needle epilation, you should protect your skin from moisture and heat. Saunas and swimming pools are taboo for now. In addition, the treated areas must not be exposed to extreme UV radiation, for example during summer vacation or in the solarium. Make sure to protect your skin in everyday life and use sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 30 every day. You should also not apply any cosmetic products to treated skin areas for 72 hours.  

Permanent hair removal for light hair: Good alternative to SHR and needles

Do you want to benefit from silky smooth skin for as long as possible, but don't want to undergo lengthy permanent hair removal for light hair? Then we recommend professional waxing in ours Waxing Studio Berlin Mitte

Silky smooth skin in no time 

Hair removal using the Brazilian method is super quick and you can enjoy smooth skin for up to four weeks - stubbly legs, Razor burn and cuts are finally a thing of the past. 

We apply the liquid with a wooden spatula Warm wax on the part of the body to be treated. There it bonds ideally with the hairs and at the same time opens the pores of your skin - this makes the treatment less painful. Once the wax has dried, our depiladoras will remove it with a strong tug against the direction of growth of your hair, et voilà. After the treatment, we remove wax residue from the skin and care for it with cooling, soothing products Aloe vera Gel. 

Side effects permanent hair removal light hair using wax

Regardless of whether Eyebrow waxing or hair removal on the legs: Since your hairs are pulled out of the skin along with the roots, it takes between two to eight weeks for them to grow back. In addition, hair growth slows down considerably on areas of the body that are waxed regularly. This means your skin stays smooth for longer and the hairs that grow back are finer, softer and significantly less noticeable.  

By the way: A great side effect of Brazilian waxing is the peeling effect on your skin. The wax and the unwanted hairs also remove dead skin cells! This gives your skin an irresistible glow.

Conclusion: Laser hair removal for light hair

Permanent hair removal for light hair is not possible? Not even close! Modern, innovative techniques such as Super Hair Removal or the classic electrolysis method make it possible to permanently remove even light hair.  

While classic laser treatment does not work on light hair because the dye melanin is missing from the hair, SHR works primarily through the skin and causes lasting damage to the stem cells responsible for hair growth. Successful needle epilation is also not dependent on the presence of melanin: a sterile needle is inserted along the hair follicle to the root and an electrical pulse is sent to the hair follicle. This destroys it, which in turn enables permanent hair removal for light hair.  

If you prefer a quick solution, you can also use one for permanent hair removal of light hair Waxing take into consideration. The areas of the body to be treated are hair-free in no time and for several weeks - without any major costs or treatment effort Care after waxing. In addition, your hairs grow back thinner and more slowly, making waxing sessions less painful and quicker.

Are you not sure whether your hair is suitable for laser hair removal or whether you should choose another method? Our professional beauticians will be happy to advise you in detail about permanent hair removal in our Sanft & Schön studio in Berlin Mitte.

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