Laser hair removal preparation: What you need to know before your first treatment


Laser hair removal preparation: What you need to know before your first treatment

November 15, 2022

Do you dream of silky smooth skin - without having to use the annoying wet razor every day? Are razor bumps, cuts, etc. making your life difficult?

Laser hair removal preparation: What you need to know before your first treatment

You're bothered ingrown hair in the intimate area? Then professional laser hair removal in a cosmetic studio is ideal for you! Disturbing hairs are permanently removed over the course of several sessions. This means you can enjoy your hair-free skin every day at the end of your treatment.  

However, before you can take action, you should intensively prepare for laser hair removal so that you can benefit from perfect results afterwards. What are you going for? Laser hair removal You can find out in our article why it is better to avoid preparation and why tattoos and medication can be problematic.

Laser hair removal preparation: This is how permanent hair removal works

If you are considering laser hair removal, you should first know the principle of the procedure in order to be ideally prepared. During laser hair removal, laser light of a specific wavelength is used to produce pigment in the hair Melanin is absorbed and thereby reaches the stem cells of the hair follicle, where it is finally converted into heat. This damages the surrounding cell structures that are responsible for hair regrowth. This reaction can cause hair to grow more slowly or disappear altogether.  

 The result depends on the following factors: :

  • The correct selection of the laser type – depending on the hair type and skin phototype.
  • The appropriate selection of parameters used during the treatments.
  • Adhering to the intervals between treatments for each skin area. 

The type of laser hair removal is determined by the type of laser, that is, the wavelength of light with which the device works. There are alexandrite, diode and Nd:YAG laser.

When preparing for laser hair removal, it is also important to know whether the device used is a certified medical one or whether the treatment is being carried out with an unclear effect in terms of effectiveness and side effects.

When choosing a laser, you should rely on a qualified beautician or beautician you trust. Professionals know what type of hair and skin you have - and which laser is suitable for your permanent hair removal.  

  • Diode lasers are primarily used on dark and thick hair and also work very well on tanned skin.
  • Alexandrite lasers are suitable for medical purposes, they cannot treat tanned skin, but they are equally suitable for thick and dark hair as well as thin and light hair.
  • Nd:Yag lasers can treat dark skin and dark hair, but the treatment can be quite painful.

We at Sanft & Schön only use one 3-wave diode laser, which can be set to the wavelengths of 755 nm, 808 nm or 1064 nm - ideal, even for deep-seated Hair follicles to reach and treat thick hair (e.g. on the back). Laser hair removal is particularly effective if you have light skin and dark hair - but also all other skin and skin conditions Hair types can be treated gently and effectively with us. At Sanft & Schön we are guaranteed to work with the latest equipment and at a medical level, so you can be sure that the best results will be achieved for you!

What should laser hair removal preparation include?

One of the most frequently asked questions in our salon is about preparing for laser hair removal - and that doesn't surprise us. After all, safety and security come first and good preparation reduces this Laser hair removal risks

Laser Hair Removal Preparation: Transparent communication is important

Transparency is also the key to success in laser hair removal: tell your beautician everything about your skin, because that is crucial for the results. For example, hiding the fact that you've recently been to the beach or that you plan to be exposed to the sun or tanning bed earlier than recommended can result in serious, unintentional damage such as pigmentation loss or even burns.

Laser hair removal preparation

Laser hair removal preparation: From now on, your complexion is secondary

Sunlight exposure is absolutely prohibited before and after laser hair removal. Do not visit a tanning bed and avoid any form of fake tan for at least two weeks before your treatment. The medical Alexandrite laser for hair removal, for example, targets the melanin in the skin with very strong energy hair shaft. If the skin contains as much or even more melanin than the hair, pigmentation disorders or burns can occur.  

That's why we advise you: Sacrifice a tan-free summer for all the summers that follow with carefree, smooth skin. Although there are lasers that can work on tanned skin, their effect is not permanent.

Use sunscreen for laser hair removal preparation

Apply a sunscreen with at least SPF 50 to the treated skin area every day for the entire duration of your hair removal treatment. This prevents the area from darkening or burning. If the treated skin darkens, we are forced to use lower or safer parameters, even if we wait two weeks after the last sun exposure before laser hair removal. This is because we are careful to avoid damage to the skin - and not, as recommended for maximum effect, increase the pulse strength with each subsequent visit. This may affect your result and we may need to carry out additional treatments.

Do not use peels before or after laser treatment 

It is important that you do not use peelings for ten days before or after hair removal: every peeling causes small injuries to the skin, which puts additional strain on your skin. These include irritation, dryness, feelings of tension or burning. If your skin is already irritated before laser hair removal, the treatment can be painful and serious injuries can occur. Take care of your skin before and after laser hair removal and avoid mechanical and chemical peelings for the time being.

When preparing for laser hair removal, avoid using permanent hair removal methods for three weeks

To ensure that the laser can optimally remove your annoying hairs, you should not remove any hair in the treatment area using wax or other methods at least three weeks before the first laser hair removal. Because: The laser hair removal procedure is only effective if the hair is connected to its roots.  

The reason for this is the laser technology already mentioned: the light from the laser is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft hair root where it is converted into intense heat so that the follicle is destroyed. If you epilated or waxed your hair shortly before your laser hair removal, it was removed along with the root. If the laser does not hit a hair root, it is unfortunately ineffective.  

Laser hair removal preparation: Trim or shave between treatments

Between two treatments you should only clean your hair by shaving or Trim remove. Don't worry, your hair won't become thicker or darker - on the contrary: after the first laser hair removal, your hair will become thinner, finer and grow much slower or even stop growing at all.  

To prepare for laser hair removal, you should trim your hair the evening before your appointment or shave, so that the skin does not have to be damaged the next day shave is irritated immediately before treatment. Shave the area of ​​the body to be treated carefully, as longer hair can lead to unpleasant side effects: On the one hand, lasering can be very painful, but on the other hand, hair removal becomes significantly less effective because the impulse energy is lost in the hair lengths instead of penetrating into the hair roots.  

Therefore, use a razor or trimmer to prepare for laser hair removal, but never a hair removal cream. It contains acid that damages the skin and can cause a reaction with the laser. Have you accidentally used a hair removal cream on the area to be treated? Then it’s best to postpone your laser appointment for at least seven days.  

Laser hair removal preparation

Why is laser hair removal preparation important?

Laser hair removal is a demanding procedure that is used on sensitive areas of your body. Those who understand the science behind the technology have a higher chance of achieving the desired results and avoiding unwanted side effects.

Remember that the normal hair growth cycle is about six weeks. With facial hair, it is slightly shorter. Typically, an average of six to eight treatments are required to achieve maximum results. The interval between two treatments is usually up to six weeks for the face and up to eight weeks for the body - but in individual cases it is also possible to wait up to three months. These breaks should be strictly adhered to, as shortening the periods can lead to unsatisfactory end results.

Laser hair removal preparation before treatment should also include the following:

  • Examination by a dermatologist. We recommend that you be examined by a dermatologist, review your medical records, and discuss your expectations for the procedure together.
  • Perfumes. Please avoid using irritating substances in the relevant area before and after treatment.
  • Collagen injections and fillers. Please consult your specialist if you have had an aesthetic injection in the treatment area within the last six months.
  • Taking medication. Some prescription medications and certain antibiotics have photosensitizing effects. Taking it during treatment may lead to subsequent hyperpigmentation. You must tell your beautician if you are taking these medications. It is best to seek advice from your doctor: He or she can assess whether laser hair removal while taking medication is safe.
  • Tattoos. Before the procedure, it is imperative to apply special plasters to avoid burns. Dark tattoos absorb a large amount of laser energy due to the specific dyes.

Conclusion: Laser hair removal preparation

No matter whether legs, arms, upper lip, sideburns, intimate area or Laser hair removal for men: Proper preparation for laser hair removal determines the success of the treatment. 

Before your laser hair removal, be sure to avoid anything that irritates your skin on the parts of your body to be treated: peelings, sun exposure or various methods of hair removal Depilatory creams, Waxing or epilation should be taboo for you. 

However, make sure that you tame your hair with a razor or trimmer and do not show up to your laser appointment with long hair. This is the only way the laser energy can penetrate deep into the hair root and permanently remove your hair.  

Caution is also advised after cosmetic procedures, medication and tattoos: it is best to consult your doctor to ensure that laser hair removal does not lead to physical problems. 

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