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Silky-soft skin with Sanft & Schön

Sanft & Schön – that’s how we love our skin. You too? Then hair removal using the Brazilian method is just right for you. In our waxing studio in Berlin Mitte you can have annoying hairs professionally removed with warm wax and enjoy smooth skin for up to four weeks! Goodbye stubbly legs, razor burn and dull blades – from now on our skin feels silky soft.

Are you still new to waxing? No problem! We would be happy to share our know-how with you before your appointment and introduce you to the art of waxing.

Would you rather speak directly to one of our depiladoras and ask questions personally? Then contact us by phone or come to our waxing studio in Berlin Mitte at any time.

Waxing reviews

This is what people write about us

We are happy about the many happy customers

    Always super happy with the salon. This was my first time treatment with Anni who's very competent and incredibly friendly. Created a nice atmosphere and I am happy about the results of the bikini wax!

    Super pleasant atmosphere, the girls are all very friendly and accommodating. The work will be done to your satisfaction and with fun too. Plus the prices are absolutely clear :) Conclusion: 5 stars! I have already sent two friends there who are also very satisfied.

    I've been coming to the salon for a while - for waxing and now also for laser treatment and I'm very satisfied! The employees are professional, friendly, take their time, work with concentration and the salon is clean and beautifully designed. Good value for money – I feel comfortable and would love to come back! 🤩

    I am really excited! everything was very clean and hygienic. neia is really friendly and I felt very well looked after. The waxing was quick, thorough and super inexpensive. I will come back! :)

    Very kind support and implementation by Michele. I am very happy with the result and would love to come back!

    I've been to the salon several times for waxing and today was the first time with Priscilla. I liked it by far the best with her: very thorough, professional treatment and very, very easy to bear with the pain. Be sure to come back to her next time. 100% recommendation!

    I can only recommend this studio to everyone!! Neia is incredibly warm and I feel very comfortable with her. I had my first waxing experience with her and I was simply thrilled with the results🤩 she works very thoroughly and professionally and the pain is absolutely bearable. 5/5

    I'm super satisfied. Very warm and friendly. For now, I felt super comfortable. A perfect job at that. I can only recommend! I'd love to come back. Thank you !

    The entire experience was wonderful! Dalia is friendly and very competent. She took her time and made the treatment as painless as possible. I can only recommend her and the salon :)

    I love gentle and beautiful! I go for Brazilian waxing regularly because the ladies are always incredibly nice and sweet! The price is great (Brazilian Tuesday for €20!) and so is the atmosphere in the studio. Every time I'm super satisfied :)

    Everyone in the studio is extremely nice and you always feel very comfortable! They also make you feel good when waxing and often ask about your well-being. The studio is extremely clean and you feel like you are in very good hands. I go regularly now!

    Very nice employees and professional atmosphere. You feel in good hands. Since I happened upon Treatwell once, I haven't gone anywhere else... fast and painless treatment! We recommend ;)

    My first visit and I was totally scared. Neia took away my fears and accompanied me through the procedure perfectly!😍 totally friendly, professional and very accommodating! Definitely coming back.

    What great service. Today was my first visit and I'll definitely be back. I was warmly welcomed by Dalia and she also did the waxing. Even though she was all alone in the store, she took the time to explain a lot to me and meticulously removed all the hair professionally. It was planned to take 1 hour and it was finished in that time. Thank you! See you next time!

    I got waxed here for the first time and am very happy with the result. Because everything was done really quickly and thoroughly, it hardly hurt. The employee Neia was warm and personable. You can't complain about the price either. Gladly again:)

    The best waxing I've ever had! I've been going to different studios for waxing for 15 years - but I've gotten by far the best waxing here, really. Priscilla was incredibly skilled and accurate and it barely hurt. Everyone there is incredibly nice and I immediately felt at home. Thank you for this lovely experience and see you soon :)

    The absolute best waxing studio! I have been a regular customer for several years and have been very satisfied every time. Both Neia and Priscilla do their jobs excellently. Every detail is paid attention to, the treatments are careful and the salon is extremely clean. I can highly recommend!

    The Sanft & Schön team is so incredibly warm and friendly!!! The work is very precise and professional and you feel very comfortable during the treatment!!! The atmosphere in the studio is also very pleasant and very clean! I have already booked my next waxing appointment and am really looking forward to it! Kind regards

    Our waxing studio

    What awaits you at Sanft & Schön in Berlin Mitte

    Step by step to silky smooth skin

    • Brazilian Waxing - Our wax

      Our wax, a secret weapon

      We at Sanft & Schön , your waxing experts in Berlin Mitte, only use quality products that we are convinced of. That's why we swear by our quick-drying Brazilian film wax, which leaves your skin silky soft and smooth.

    • Waxing Berlin - applying wax

      Applying the wax

      Using a wooden spatula, the warmed, liquid wax is applied to the parts of the body that are to be depilated. The warm mass bonds ideally with your hairs and opens the pores of your skin, as the wax is 42-45° C, slightly above your body temperature. This makes the treatment less painful.

    • Waxing Berlin - pull off teaser

      Hair-free in no time

      Now the wax needs to dry for a few seconds and harden. It is then pulled off with a jerk - “short and painless” - against the direction of hair growth, which means that unwanted hairs are removed quickly, thoroughly and effectively, including the hair roots.

    • Waxing Berlin - soothing care

      Soothing care

      And now we move on to the pleasant part of the treatment: After we have removed the wax residue from your skin, we care for the depilated skin areas with our cooling, skin-friendly aloe vera gel. This has an immediate calming effect on the irritated parts of the body.

    Waxing – one method, four unbeatable advantages

    Compared to other methods of superficial hair removal, waxing has numerous advantages.

    • Thorough, effective and long-lasting

      Warm wax epilation is a very thorough, effective and long lasting Method because the hair is removed including the root and takes two to eight weeks to grow back. When shaving, on the other hand, hair is only removed from the surface, so that the hair becomes noticeable again just a few hours or days later in the form of unpleasant stubble.

    • Hygienic & safe

      There is also waxing more hygienic and safer than other methods of hair removal. You don't risk any cuts that can cause infection or inflammation and significantly less skin irritation.

    • Hair grows back thinner and more slowly

      If you have unwanted hairs removed in the Sanft & Schön Waxing Studio in Berlin Mitte, your... hair growth on regularly waxed parts of the body slow down considerably. This means your skin stays smooth and regrows for longer  Hair are clear finer, more inconspicuous and softer. This makes waxing easier and less painful with subsequent treatments.

    • Skin peeling included

      In addition to super smooth, hair-free skin, waxing offers you a great beauty side effect: waxing not only relieves you of unwanted hairs, but also... frees the skin also of dead skin cells – like a peeling. This gives your skin a very special 'glow'.

    Our service packages

    Get waxed where your hair bothers you!

    In our waxing studio in Berlin Mitte, we offer you the entire range of warm wax epilation services: whether it's legs, back or intimate area - we wax where hairs bother you. In this way, we remove unwanted hair from men and women even in hard-to-reach places.

    Our service packages

    Get waxed where your hair bothers you!

    In our waxing studio in Berlin Mitte, we offer you the entire range of warm wax epilation services: whether it's legs, back or intimate area - we wax where hairs bother you. In this way, we remove unwanted hair from men and women even in hard-to-reach places.

    Treatment zones

    Waxing treatment for all areas

    How much does waxing cost?

    Our Brazilian waxing prices

    body region
    Armpitsapprox. 10 minutes12,00 €
    Upper armsapprox. 20 minutes21,00 €
    Forearmsapprox. 20 minutes21,00 €
    Arms completeapprox. 20 minutes26,00 €
    fingerapprox. 10 minutes10,00 €
    Belly approx. 10 minutes17,00 €
    whole legsapprox. 40 minutes61,00 €
    Legs thighs including kneesapprox. 20 minutes33,00 €
    Legs lower legs including kneesapprox. 20 minutes33,00 €
    Legs 3/4approx. 30 minutes55,00 €
    Toesapprox. 10 minutes10,00 €
    Breastapprox. 10 minutes11,00 €
    Plucking and waxing eyebrowsapprox. 20 minutes17,00 €
    Modeling eyebrowsapprox. 20 minutes22,00 €
    Noseapprox. 10 minutes10,00 €
    chinapprox. 10 minutes11,00 €
    Upper lipapprox. 10 minutes11,00 €
    earsapprox. 10 minutes10,00 €
    Foreheadapprox. 10 minutes11,00 €
    cheeksapprox. 10 minutes11,00 €
    Back completeapprox. 20 minutes22,00 €
    Back lumbar areaapprox. 10 minutes13,00 €
    Shouldersapprox. 10 minutes18,00 €
    Neckapprox. 10 minutes11,00 €
    Waxing intimate area
    Bikini thong excl. butt foldapprox. 20 minutes22,00 €
    Brazilian Hollywood incl. Butt fold approx. 20 minutes31,00 €
    Brazilian strip including butt foldapprox. 20 minutes31,00 €
    Brazilian triangle including butt foldapprox. 20 minutes31,00 €
    Mouse ladderapprox. 5 minutes9,00 €
    Bottom complete including bottom foldapprox. 20 minutes22,00 €
    Buttocks halfapprox. 10 minutes11,00 €
    Buttocks completeapprox. 10 minutes17,00 €
    Butt foldapprox. 10 minutes11,00 €
    stripesapprox. 5 minutes7,00 €

    Our specialty

    Brazilian waxing in Berlin Mitte

    Do you think that we at Sanft & Schön mainly wax annoying leg hairs? Far from it, because that is our specialty  Brazilian waxing – the traditional waxing for the intimate area and the bikini zone from Brazil. Depending on what you want for your intimate area, we offer you different styles for men and women in our waxing studio in Berlin Mitte.

    The Brazilian Hollywood cut is the original and also our most popular waxing variant: not a single hair is left standing. We use warm wax to remove all hair in the bikini area, including the labia and buttocks - if you want.

    The waxing is tailored to your taste: Would you like to leave a well-groomed residue of intimate hairs? Then this is suitable  Brazilian Landing Strip best for you. Here we leave out an elongated strip - the so-called 'landing strip'. You can decide individually about its height and length; the labia are not depilated.

    If you prefer a little more hair in your intimate area, we recommend that Brazilian Triangle. We leave a triangle on the mons of Venus, the dimensions of which you can also decide freely. The hairs on the labia remain here too.

    Would you prefer something a little more unusual? There are no limits to your creativity and ours! We are happy to try to implement other intimate hairstyles and patterns. Of course we also offer a classic one  Bikini and bikini thong waxing, in which only the groin area is epilated.

    Brazilian waxing is also becoming more and more interesting for men - at Sanft & Schön you can either completely (Brazilian Hollywood Man) or just below the body (Brazilian Man) wax.

    Choose Your Style: Brazilian waxing at Sanft & Schön

    • Brazilian Hollywood Cut: The classic

      All hair in the intimate area is removed - including the labia and buttocks.
    • Brazilian Landing Strip: For straight-minded people

      An elongated strip is left out during waxing.
    • Brazilian Triangle: Geometrically beautiful

      A triangle on the hill of Venus remains standing.
    • Bikini & bikini thong waxing: For hair fans

      Only the groin area is epilated.
    • Brazilian Hollywood Man: Very smooth

      All hair in the intimate area is removed - including the buttocks fold.
    • Brazilian Man: Well-groomed intimate hair

      Only the hair above the genitals remains.
    • Unlimited creativity: the individual intimate hairstyle

      We style the intimate area according to your wishes.

    Checklist for your waxing in Berlin Mitte

    Before waxing:

    • So that we can remove all hairs during waxing, they should be at least 0.4 cm long. Therefore: Let your hair grow for about two weeks before you come to Sanft & Schön . Your hair is longer than 1 cm? Then feel free to trim them a little.
    • Please note: You should not use greasy or oily products on your skin before your treatment.
    • The following applies 24 hours before waxing: Avoid anything that puts strain on your skin. These include peeling treatments, direct sunlight, solarium, sauna and excessively intense sports.
    • Have you decided on Brazilian waxing? Then we recommend that you wear loose cotton panties on the day of your treatment so that your skin can breathe and there are no unpleasant frictions.

    After waxing:

    • Relaxation is the order of the day! Give your skin enough time to regenerate - so avoid direct sunlight, exercise, solarium, peeling, etc. for 24 hours after waxing.
    • Do not use products containing alcohol after hair removal.
    • We recommend that you treat the treated areas of the body with a soothing aloe vera gel.
    • After about a week, you can care for the epilated areas of your body with a shower peeling to prevent ingrown hairs.

    Who is waxing not suitable for?

    For people who struggle with allergies, skin problems and skin diseases, we do not recommend waxing in our studio in Berlin Mitte. Therefore, for psoriasis, use acne, open wounds, severe skin redness or skin diseases such as shingles or herpes, it is better to use another hair removal method.

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    Our waxing FAQ

    Frequently asked questions about hair removal with warm wax

    Voucher waxing

    Want to give the gift of silky-soft skin? You can do this with a voucher for waxing at Sanft & Schön . Surprise your loved ones!

    Buy waxing voucher
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