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Gently fresh skin with Sanft & Schön

Do you want fresher, younger skin and value a natural and gentle solution? Then a microneedling treatment at Sanft & Schön is just right for you! Microneedling helps you achieve younger and smoother skin - without scars. We rely on the skin's own regenerative ability, which we gently stimulate and thus stimulate new collagen formation. This creates a natural anti-aging process that refreshes and visibly rejuvenates your skin. And all this without pain and lengthy regeneration time for the skin.

Microneedling Berlin Mitte

Radiantly beautiful skin

Needling - Before - After

Our secret for radiantly beautiful and young skin at Sanft & Schön Berlin Mitte is clearly: Microneedling.

The innovative treatment method has long since taken on the pioneering role in the cosmetic anti-aging sector, because: Our microneedling in Berlin Mitte ensures firmer skin in a very short time.

Microneedling can help with skin problems such as:

  • Scars of various kinds
  • Fold
  • Pigment disorders
  • sun damaged skin
  • sagging, tired, contourless skin
  • Scalp problems
  • Stretch and pregnancy marks

be treated successfully, effectively and sustainably.

That's how it's done

How does microneedling work?

During a microneedling treatment in our studio in Berlin Mitte, the stratum corneum of your skin and deeper layers of skin are gently perforated. This happens using a derma stamp that is filled with fine (0.1 mm thick, 0.25-3.5 mm long) needles. The treatment lasts about 25 to 35 minutes. As soon as the fine needles prick the skin, a radio frequency pulse is triggered. We adapt how deeply the needles penetrate your skin and how strong the radio frequency current works to you and your needs. We usually start microneedling with a mild intensity and then slowly increase it with each subsequent treatment.

As a non-ablative procedure, microneedling is particularly gentle and does not thin your skin.

The needles of the derma stamp cause small injuries to your skin. This creates thousands of microchannels in the skin, which increase your skin's ability to absorb all kinds of active ingredients many times over. In this way, we ensure that 86 percent of the active substances can penetrate deep into the skin and cells. A microneedling treatment not only improves cell division, but also strengthens your skin's resistance - especially for very sensitive skin. In addition, your pores are refined, the top layer of skin is removed and the overall appearance of your skin is visibly and noticeably smoothed and rejuvenated. Your complexion radiates and your skin appears noticeably plumper.

Nanoneedling in Berlin Mitte has many positive effects:

  • Nanoneedling in Berlin Mitte at Sanft & Schön promotes the remodeling of the collagen fibers in your skin.
  • The needling treatment thickens and strengthens your epidermis and permanently repairs structural damage.
  • Nanoneedling significantly improves your skin's water storage capacity, ensuring a hydrated, plump appearance.
  • The nanoinfusion ensures that subtle concentrates can gently penetrate the skin. The 3D technology allows the skin to absorb more active ingredients than with topical application.

BY THE WAY: Nanoneedling is not only suitable for your facial skin, but can also be used on the scalp, décolleté or thighs and buttocks!

Microneedling process in Berlin Mitte at Sanft & Schön

So that you know exactly what to expect from Microneedling Berlin, we will explain the process of our therapy step by step here.

  • Detailed preliminary discussion

    In order to be able to treat your skin according to its needs, we will talk in detail about your wishes and goals for the treatment before your microneedling appointment. We also analyze your skin and see whether microneedling is even an option for you.

  • Local anesthesia and disinfection

    20 minutes before your microneedling treatment, our beautician will apply a pain-relieving ointment to the area of ​​skin to be treated, which has a local anesthetic effect. In addition, your skin will of course be carefully disinfected.

  • Active ingredients and cold air anesthesia

    An ointment with firming active ingredients will then be applied to you, which can then penetrate deeply – and effectively – into the skin through microneedling. Are you very sensitive to pain? In addition to the local anesthetic cream, we can treat your skin using cold air anesthesia. The cooling of the skin makes microneedling virtually painless.

  • Treatment

    The treatment itself takes around 20 to 35 minutes - depending on which area of ​​the body is being treated. It is completely normal that your skin will initially be a little red after microneedling or that there will even be tiny bleeding, which can, however, simply be wiped off.

  • Immediate effect

    So that your skin can calm down, we soothe your skin with special creams immediately after the treatment. Your skin will probably be slightly swollen, but sometimes it will take a few days for the swelling to go away. Nevertheless, you will feel the first effects immediately after the treatment: your skin not only feels more vital, but also significantly firmer and hydrated.

Advantages of microneedling Berlin

  • Effective without damaging the skin's protective layer

    Microneedling is just as effective as laser treatment or comparable ablative procedures, which stimulate the skin to produce new collagen and elasticity - without thinning the skin.

  • Active ingredients can finally work

    Through microneedling in Berlin, up to 86 percent of the active ingredients can penetrate your skin and develop their full effect there. Without the microneedling needles perforating the skin, only about three percent can penetrate the stratum corneum.

  • Microneedling is very tolerable and suitable for all skin types

    In general, microneedling is characterized by a high level of tolerability and is therefore suitable for all areas of the body. There is only a small risk of hyperpigmentation and pigment shifts and is therefore also suitable for dark skin types.

  • Naturally beautiful

    Microneedling is considered a natural treatment method because it stimulates the body's own healing processes, preserving the body's natural contours without having to resort to the injection of unnatural substances.


The particularly gentle needling variant at Sanft & Schön

In our studio in Berlin Mitte, we offer you the gentlest needling option on the market: 'nanoneedling' with the nanoGLOW3D system. Three particularly effective technologies are combined: mesotherapy, radio frequency and EMS (short for 'electro-muscle stimulation'). In contrast to microneedling, this variant does not use fine needles, but rather ultra-soft nanotips that can glide over the surface of the skin but also open the skin's channels at the same time. For example, hyaluronic acid concentrates can be worked deep into the skin. The radio frequency in conjunction with muscle stimulation significantly increases the effect. This way you get the best possible effect from your nanoneedling in Berlin Mitte.

Nano Glow 3D device

How does the nanoGLOW3D work?

The nanoGLOW3D system combines three active principles in one treatment:

  • Nanoinfusion (mesotherapy)

    During your nanoneedling, we work with soft nanotips that are moistened with hyaluronic acid concentrates and glide easily over your skin. Thanks to the nanotips, the active ingredient concentrate is ideally distributed over your skin and is simultaneously incorporated into deeper layers. In contrast to microneedling, the nanotips of our nanoGLOW3D system work exclusively epidermally - this means that the superficial skin channels close again quickly and there are no unwanted side effects. Thanks to the low molecular structures, the active ingredients can still work deeply in the skin.

  • Radio frequency

    The radio frequency used at the same time creates a pleasant heat that causes 'collagen shrinking'. This stimulates the fibroblasts, which stimulates the formation of new collagen fibers in your skin. The result: Your skin gains more contour and becomes significantly firmer.

  • EMS

    EMS works in addition to mesotherapy and radio frequency. Your muscles in the treated area are gently stimulated by electrical impulses. In combination with the radio frequency, the transport routes in your skin are stimulated, which means that active ingredients can be better incorporated and the surface of your skin is visibly smoothed.

Nanoneedling in Berlin Mitte has many positive effects

Nanoneedling in Berlin Mitte at Sanft & Schön promotes the remodeling of the collagen fibers in your skin.

  • The needling treatment thickens and strengthens your epidermis and permanently repairs structural damage.
  • Nanoneedling significantly improves your skin's water storage capacity, ensuring a hydrated, plump appearance.
  • The nanoinfusion ensures that subtle concentrates can gently penetrate the skin. The 3D technology allows the skin to absorb more active ingredients than with topical application.

BY THE WAY: Nanoneedling is not only suitable for your facial skin, but can also be used on the scalp, décolleté or on the thighs and buttocks!

Microneedling Berlin Mitte: risks and side effects

If you have a microneedling treatment carried out at Sanft & Schön in Berlin Mitte, you do not have to expect any serious risks or side effects. Your skin is treated exclusively by experts and the method has now been used millions of times worldwide and has been thoroughly tested.

Initial redness, bleeding or bruising is completely normal and will soon disappear completely. If your skin is prone to scar growths (keloids) or you have an active acne However, if you are suffering, we advise against treatment.

We recommend that you always carry out microneedling under professional supervision by experts in order to be able to rule out the few existing contraindications. That's why you should never use microneedling at home - it doesn't bring any results and you also risk unnecessary inflammation. Stay away from home derma rollers!

We advise against microneedling treatment if...

  • ... you have herpes or another virus-related infectious disease.
  • ... the area to be treated shows increased moles, scar growths (keloids) or telangiectasias.
  • ... you suffer from purulent or inflammatory skin diseases, such as acne.
  • ... your skin is overly sensitive.
  • ... you are in the acute phase of chronic dermatitis.
  • ... you suffer from a genetic skin disease.
  • ... you suffer from a genetic skin disease.
  • ... your skin shows malignant tissue neoplasms or benign neoplasms with a negative dynamic.
  • ... you are pregnant.
  • ... you are familiar with symptoms such as shortness of breath or chest tightness or you have already been confirmed to have arteriosclerosis or coronary heart disease.


Why you should always have microneedling done by an expert

Microneedling? Isn’t it easy to do this from home? Don't! We expressly warn against home and cosmetic rollers, so-called 'derma rollers', which are increasingly being offered online. These hurt the epidermis more than they do any good. You also risk unpleasant infections - without actually getting any visible results. It is therefore better to invest in professional microneedling in Berlin Mitte with your cosmetic expert Sanft & Schön .

Our professional instruments are significantly more effective than home and cosmetic rollers. You can see this from the length of the needles: While the derma rollers have needles that are a maximum of 0.25 mm long, the width of our needles varies between 0.25 and 3.5 mm. We can adapt the length of the needles and the depth of the punctures ideally to the areas of the body to be treated.

These longer needles are only approved for use by certified beauticians and doctors and are absolutely necessary to make your skin smoother, fresher and younger. Microneedling stimulates the nerve receptors of the cells in the skin, releasing natural growth elements. This improves blood circulation and the skin's ability to regenerate. Cell and collagen renewal as well as the formation of hyaluronic acid are stimulated and lead to a significant perfection of your skin - it becomes healthier, firmer and more beautiful.

Studies show that a few weeks after microneedling, there is a significant increase in the various tightening factors - these usually increase by a factor of two to five, but sometimes by a factor of ten.


What you need to consider before your microneedling appointment

  • Advice

    A detailed consultation in our cosmetic studio in Berlin Mitte gives you the opportunity to discuss your ideas and wishes and to ask questions.
  • Vitamins

    A few weeks before the treatment, your skin should be supplied with vitamins A, C and E. Vitamin A and C promote the formation of collagen, vitamin C and E are antioxidants that counteract skin aging.
  • Medication

    Stop taking blood-thinning medications in good time - of course only after consulting your doctor.
  • condition of the skin

    Before the procedure, make sure that allergies, sunburns and edema have subsided. Please also avoid visiting the solarium.


What do you have to pay attention to after microneedling?

  • Sports

    Avoid sports and other strenuous activities after the treatment.
  • Sauna and skin care

    Avoid sauna visits, skin-irritating creams and peelings. In general, we recommend that you forego your normal care routine on the day of your treatment to protect your skin. The next day you can continue this as usual.
  • Medication

    Make sure you have sufficient sun protection (at least SPF 30!) and avoid sunbathing or going to the solarium.
  • Cool and calm

    Use cooling compresses or soothing masks if necessary.

Our microneedling FAQ

Frequently asked questions about microneedling

How much does it cost?

Our microneedling prices

body region
Eye areaapprox. 35 minutes79,00 €
Faceapprox. 45 minutes99,00 €
face-neckapprox. 60 minutes109,00 €
Face-neck décolletéapprox. 75 minutes129,00 €

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