24k Gold Luxury

How does the treatment work?

Our 24K PURE GOLD & DELUXE treatment makes Botox etc. unnecessary! The luxurious skin care is an anti-aging power treatment that has an immediate effect. Ions contained in the precious metal stimulate the skin cells and encourage them to renew themselves. Microcirculation is also improved and your skin receives nutrients that actively counteract dryness. The result of the treatment is plump, radiantly beautiful, youthful skin with an absolute feel-good effect. A true luxury that not only the stars and starlets love!

Treatment steps

Benefits of treatment

  • works effectively against signs of skin aging
  • supplies the skin with moisture
  • Ions stimulate skin cells for active regeneration
  • Instantly smoother, more radiant skin  


body region
24k Gold Luxuryapprox. 60 minutes142,00 €
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