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Silky smooth skin, lasting and effortless – that’s what many of our customers dream of. If you want to permanently ban razors, epilators or hair removal creams from your bathroom, you've come to the right place! We at Sanft & Schön will fulfill your dream of permanent hair removal in Berlin. Our laser hair removal is based on a patented system and works with a 3-wave diode laser, which concentrates the light and allows it to penetrate the skin in a targeted manner, thus destroying the hair root.

That's how it's done

How does permanent laser hair removal work?

In order to be able to permanently remove unwanted hairs, we at Sanft & Schön use diode laser technology. This guarantees quick, safe and effective hair removal.

The diode laser is a semiconductor and reaches a wavelength of 755 nm, 808 nm or 1064 nm - ideal for reaching deep hair follicles and treating thick hair (e.g. on the back). The light from the laser penetrates the superficial layers of the skin and the melanin in the hair absorbs the energy. This converts the light energy into heat and damages the surrounding cellular structures that are responsible for hair regrowth. The result: Your skin will remain permanently hair-free! Laser hair removal in Berlin is particularly effective for light skin and dark hair - but we can also treat all other skin and hair types gently and effectively. At Sanft & Schön we are guaranteed to work with the latest equipment and at a medical level to achieve the best results for you!

Would you like to find out more about permanent laser hair removal at Sanft & Schön in Berlin? No problem! We would be happy to share our know-how with you before your appointment and provide you with detailed information on the subject of 'hair removal'.

Would you rather speak directly to one of our beauticians and ask your questions personally? Then  get in touch by phone with us or visit us at any time in our studio in Berlin Mitte.

Laser treatment reviews

This is what people write about us

We are happy about the many happy customers

    I've been coming to the salon for a while - for waxing and now also for laser treatment and I'm very satisfied! The employees are professional, friendly, take their time, work with concentration and the salon is clean and beautifully designed. Good value for money – I feel comfortable and would love to come back! 🤩

    I had my laser treatment here and am very happy with the results (can compare with two other studios with the same number of sessions). Priscilla is very attentive, friendly and works very thoroughly. Can only recommend!

    I am very satisfied with Gentle and Beautiful. Michelle informed me well about the procedure. She is friendly. She calmed me down a lot. I'm excited to see the results, which I can report later. I have already booked a second appointment at the cosmetic studio. I would especially like to thank Michelle for this experience.

    I've been looking for a studio exactly like this for a long time! Time is taken and the work is done very precisely. There is an incredibly relaxed atmosphere and you can't help but feel good!

    Lili is a really great employee. She works very carefully, takes her time and is just sweet as a person. I think this studio is great value for money! I can recommend it.

    Great salon, detailed advice, treatment almost completely painless. From previous other laser experiences I know that it works nice and precisely. Michelle tops the whole thing with her care and top treatment, so I'll be happy to come back.

    Step by step to permanently smooth skin

    Process of our laser hair removal in Berlin

    So that you know exactly what to expect from permanent hair removal at Sanft & Schön , we will explain the process of our treatment step by step here.

    • Counseling conversation between two women.

      Detailed preliminary discussion

      Before we start the treatment cycles for your permanent hair removal in Berlin, we meet for a detailed preliminary discussion. Because: We have to get to know your hair and your skin in order to check whether laser treatment is suitable for you or whether it leads to effective and satisfactory results. After the skin analysis, which decides between six different skin types, we can, if desired, clarify the expected effectiveness of the treatment in advance with a test shot. Laser hair removal is particularly difficult if you have very light skin and blonde or reddish hair - then unfortunately we cannot treat you with our diode laser.

    • Hair removal with laser in the beauty salon

      Marking and cooling of the skin

      To help guide the laser on your freshly shaved skin, we mark the areas to be treated with a pen. To ensure that your skin is not affected during laser hair removal, we apply a gel to your skin before the treatment, which cools the skin and at the same time ensures that the treatment head of the diode laser can glide easily over your skin. In this way, we ensure that the energy from the laser is optimally distributed. In addition, the laser handpiece is also equipped with water cooling, so that your skin surface is constantly cooled during the treatment. This perfectly protects the outer layer of skin (epidermis) and at the same time prevents possible pain.

    • Laser hair removal in a clinic.

      Ready, Steady, Go!

      Now it can start. You and your treating expert will now each put on your eye protection - you should definitely keep this on throughout the entire treatment. Depending on the skin and hair type, we individually adjust the laser pulse that is emitted by the handpiece during the treatment. We normally work with a wavelength of 808 nm, but can also reach your hair follicles at the level of 755 nm or 1064 nm. You will probably feel the laser shots on your skin as a small prick with a brief warming of the skin.
      Our beautician pulls the treatment head piece by piece over the area of ​​skin to be treated and fires a laser shot in each area. With a size of 16 x 35 mm, our handpiece is significantly larger than conventional treatment heads - so we work quickly, gently and effectively with up to 30 shots per second.

    • Woman recovering during cosmetic treatment

      After treatment

      At the end of your treatment, we remove the cooling gel from your skin and clean our equipment. We will also discuss further treatment appointments with you, because: Permanent laser hair removal in Berlin only works on hair that is still growing. Therefore, it is impossible to permanently remove all hair in just one session. At Sanft & Schön , we expect around six to ten applications to guarantee you permanently smooth skin. By the way: After your laser treatment, your hairs don't fall out immediately - it sometimes takes around one to three weeks. Often, even with the lightest touch or gentle tug, a tiny hair falls out effortlessly.

    Our areas of application

    Permanent hair removal

    At Sanft & Schön in Berlin you can have permanent hair removal carried out on many parts of your body using a diode laser:

    Treatment zones

    Laser treatment for all areas

    How much does it cost?

    Our prices for laser hair removal

    body region
    Armpitsapprox. 20 minutes43,00 €
    Arms completeapprox. 35 minutes98,00 €
    Upper armsapprox. 25 minutes53,00 €
    Forearmsapprox. 25 minutes53,00 €
    handsapprox. 20 minutes32,00 €
    Stomach & chest
    Bellyapprox. 20 minutes43,00 €
    Abdomen lower stripe (mouse ladder)approx. 10 minutes17,00 €
    Breastapprox. min.50,00 €
    whole legsapprox. 55 minutes109,00 €
    Kneeapprox. 20 minutes43,00 €
    Thighapprox. 30 minutes59,00 €
    lower legapprox. 30 minutes59,00 €
    feet (instep)approx. 10 minutes17,00 €
    Toesapprox. 10 minutes17,00 €
    Face completeapprox. 45 minutes65,00 €
    chinapprox. 25 minutes22,00 €
    Upper lipapprox. 25 minutes22,00 €
    Foreheadapprox. 25 minutes22,00 €
    cheeksapprox. 250 minutes22,00 €
    Intimate area
    Intimate bikini edge zoneapprox. 25 minutes32,00 €
    Intimate bikini zoneapprox. 25 minutes65,00 €
    Intimate complete (intimate + peripheral zone)approx. 25 minutes87,00 €
    Buttocksapprox. 25 minutes65,00 €
    Butt foldapprox. 25 minutes43,00 €
    Back completeapprox. 45 minutes65,00 €
    Back lumbar areaapprox. 25 minutes32,00 €
    Shouldersapprox. 25 minutes32,00 €
    Neckapprox. 25 minutes43,00 €

    Laser hair removal Berlin

    Risks, side effects and tolerability

    Our permanent hair removal at Sanft & Schön in Berlin is usually very well tolerated, low-risk and effective. You will only be treated by our experienced specialists who have been extensively trained in using the diode laser and have years of experience. So you're in the best hands with us if you want to permanently remove annoying hairs from your skin.

    Mild redness and swelling of the skin may occur during and after laser hair removal. The area around the hair follicles in particular can be particularly sensitive due to the slight formation of bubbles. However, this is not a reason to worry, but shows that the treatment is working and the skin's regenerative mechanisms are starting to work. The sensitivity should subside after a few hours or days. There may also be a slight crusting or dark spots on your skin temporarily, but these will heal shortly after the treatment.

    We advise against permanent laser hair removal if...

    • ... your skin has acute skin damage (e.g. open wounds).
    • ... you suffer from a bacterial infection (tuberculosis, boils, carbuncles, etc.).
    • ... there is a suspicion of cancer, malignant tumors or something similar.
    • ... you have an acute fever, have inflammation or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • ... you suffer from diabetes mellitus and are not under medical supervision.
    • ... you are taking photosensitizing medications (e.g. antidepressants, antiepileptics, antihistamines, hormones, etc.).
    • ... you have acute sunburn.
    • ... you are receiving radiation or chemotherapy.
    • ... you suffer from skin diseases or infections in the area to be treated.
    • ... your circulation is unstable.
    • ... there is an acute herpes infection in the treatment area.
    • ... you have been diagnosed with immune deficiency or autoimmune disease.


    What you need to consider before your laser hair removal appointment

    • Sunbathing and solarium

      For 14 days before your permanent hair removal in Berlin, avoid unprotected sunlight, sunbathing, self-tanners and solariums.
    • Sun protection factor

      Use sun protection with SPF 50 on the skin area to be treated at least 14 days before laser hair removal.
    • Hair removal

      One day before your permanent hair removal at Sanft & Schön the area to be treated. waxing for at least three weeks before treatment .
    • Photosensitivity due to medication

      Consult your doctor to avoid taking any medications that make you more sensitive to light.
    • Perfume or shampoo

      Do not use perfume or shampoo on the area to be treated on the day of your laser hair removal in Berlin.


    What do you have to pay attention to after laser hair removal in Berlin?

    • Sunbathing and solarium

      For 14 days after your permanent hair removal in Berlin, avoid unprotected sunlight, sunbathing, self-tanners and solariums.
    • Sun protection factor

      Use sun protection with SPF 50 on the skin area to be treated for at least 14 days after laser hair removal.
    • Sauna and swimming pool

      Water containing chlorine and sea water are taboo!
    • Peels

      Do not use any other abrasive or chemical peels.
    • Medication

      Do not take high doses of anti-inflammatory medications (e.g. ibuprofen or diclofenac) or cytostatics.
    • Creams

      Avoid using care creams containing paraffin, silicone, paraben and perfume.

    Our laser FAQ

    Frequently asked questions about laser hair removal

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