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Hydrated, awake and radiant skin, fine pores, a cleansed complexion and lasting results are what you want for your facial skin? Then an aquafacial at Sanft & Schön in Berlin Mitte is exactly the right treatment for you! The Aquafacial is a non-invasive treatment for your skin that Hollywood stars have sworn by for years. Your skin is cleansed, massaged and supplied with essential acids and vitamins with our HYDROcareH2O device - cleansing, peeling and care in one. Skin blemishes, enlarged pores and dry skin will soon be a thing of the past.

Aquafacial Berlin at Sanft & Schön

Fresh and flawless complexion

Our secret weapon for fresh, radiant and cleansed skin is the Aquafacial procedure. This innovative treatment method has long since become an indispensable part of the cosmetic anti-aging sector or skin-refining treatments: With our aquafacial treatment in Berlin Mitte, you can achieve your skin goals easily, with little risk and within a very short time - and from an effective and benefit from long-lasting results.

An Aquafacial can achieve excellent results in the following areas of application:

  • Hydrating dry and sagging skin
  • Reduction of enlarged pores
  • immediate refinement of the skin structure
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Deep cleansing of oily and impure skin
  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Removal of age spots and hormonal pigment disorders

That's how it's done

How does an aquafacial work?

'Aquafacial' is a special minimally invasive treatment that specifically removes dead skin cells so that the underlying skin can completely regenerate. With the help of the Aquafacial device, we carry out an intensive, deep cleansing of your skin in four phases.

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Aquafacial Phase 1: Peeling

In phase 1, we remove the dead skin cells until your healthy, fresh skin appears. The whole thing works with a whirlpool of water - which is where the name 'Aquafacial' comes from. This peeling method is therefore super gentle and tolerable.

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Aquafacial Phase 2: Soften pores

Phase 2 supplies your skin with an AHA (alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid or lactic acid) solution, which softens the deposits in your pores and prepares your skin optimally for cleansing. By the way: AHA acid can even flatten smaller scars! A BHA solution (beta-hydroxy acid/salicylic acid) is also used and helps your skin get rid of excess sebum. BHA acid also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making our Aquafacial in Berlin ideal for the treatment of acne suitable. Your pores are now open and ready for the next step.

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Aquafacial Phase 3: Deep Cleansing

In phase 3 we deep cleanse your skin. The vacuum effect of the Aquafacial device removes sebum deposits, blackheads and dirt from the pores and thus optimally cleanses and prepares the skin. Without any pressure or pain! The cleaning is so thorough that no manual cleaning can keep up.

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Aquafacial Phase 4: Moisture boost

We use phase 4 to supply your skin with moisture. This allows your skin to relax and is optimally prepared for the subsequent treatment. The so-called multifunctional vortex technology introduces antioxidants, vitamins, botox-like substances and hyaluronic acid into your skin - so gently that you hardly notice it. Since your skin channels are open after the aqua peeling and free of sebum deposits, the highly effective substances can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Your gentle aquafacial in Berlin Mitte at Sanft & Schön immediately ensures soft, clean skin - and just a few days later the injected serums do their work and leave your skin firmer, fresher and, above all, more radiant.

Glow your skin!

We work with Hydra Balance technology: HYDROcareH2O

At Sanft & Schön we rely on innovative technologies and love particularly gentle yet effective applications – true to the motto “Detox instead of Botox”. We therefore carry out your aquafacial in Berlin Mitte with the HYDROcareH2O. This unique method combines classic Microdermabrasion with the deep penetration of ultra-hydrating fluids. Highly active active ingredients are combined in HYDRAbrasion based on water and hyaluronic acid - so your skin is intensively cleansed and cared for at the same time. You can now look forward to the glow effect after your treatment!

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HydroCare device

Process of an aquafacial treatment at Sanft & Schön in Berlin Mitte

So that you know exactly what to expect from an aquafacial in Berlin, we will explain the process of our therapy step by step here.

  • Detailed preliminary discussion

    A detailed preliminary discussion will take place before your treatment. The main thing is to analyze the structure of your skin and its sensitivity. We also define a precise area of ​​action. Of course, we also talk about your wishes and ideas and the exact process as well as the special features of your aquafacial treatment.

  • Aquafacial preparation

    On the day of your treatment, we will clean your skin thoroughly so that the aquafacial peeling can develop its full effect. Please avoid wearing make-up on the day of your treatment. Your aquafacial lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.

  • The treatment

    In the first step, the dead skin cells are gently removed and then a cleansing peeling made from fruit and salicylic acids is applied. Deposits in your pores are softened and the skin is prepared for the subsequent deep cleansing. We now cleanse your skin using a combination of water vortex and vacuum. Sebum deposits in the pores and impurities are gently removed by the vacuum.

  • Aftertreatment and effect

    After cleansing your skin, we introduce a mixture of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and vitamins into your skin to promote and support it.

Aquafacial Berlin

We let our secret weapons work

  • Antioxidants

    Antioxidants fight and offer protection against 'free radicals'. On the one hand, these are formed by the body itself during various metabolic processes, and on the other hand, they arise from harmful external influences such as UV radiation, environmental toxins or cigarette smoke.
  • Peptides

    Peptides are known in medical skin care to reduce the signs of aging skin and noticeably rejuvenate the skin. The anti-aging properties are due to the stimulating effect of the peptides that stimulate collagen production. They also make your skin more resilient and stronger.
  • brightener

    Our Aquafacial serums contain special brighteners that reduce the irregular formation of the pigment melanin and thus remove pigment spots.
  • acids

    Various acids - glycolic acid, salicylic acid and lactic acid - are responsible for removing dead cells from the skin during the aquafacial. Don't let the term 'acid' put you off, the application achieves excellent results and does not put you in danger. On the contrary: acid peels are suitable for all skin types, especially for skin that gets oily quickly.

Advantages of Aquafacial Berlin

  • Effective without damaging the skin

    The Aquafacial is super effective without digging deep into your skin. We only remove the upper stratum corneum and remove dead skin cells so that your skin can shine again. After the treatment you will be socially acceptable straight away.

  • Scientifically proven effectiveness

    The effectiveness of our aquafacial treatment is scientifically proven! The innovative technology in combination with highly effective substances impresses scientists, dermatologists and beauticians alike.

  • Aquafacials are very compatible and suitable for all skin types

    In general, Aquafacial is characterized by high tolerability and can be used on all skin types. There are no side effects or downtime with this treatment. The Aquafacial also saves time and money because different applications are combined in the treatment.

  • You won't recognize yourself or your skin

    With us, your skin will be cleansed deep into the pores and deeply hydrated and cared for. This not only stimulates the skin's microcirculation, but also ensures immediately soft and radiant skin - directly after application. You will see visible results within a few days. That's why an aquafacial makes many of our customers feel better about life. You will also notice that your self-confidence can increase and you will generally feel fresher and more comfortable. Of course, you also radiate this to the outside world and appear more attractive and self-confident.


What you need to consider before your aquafacial appointment

  • Sun

    Make sure you are not in the sun for too long to avoid sunburn, otherwise the aquafacial cannot be performed. You also can't have any open wounds.


What do you have to pay attention to after an aquafacial?

  • Make up

    Avoid wearing makeup on the day of your aquafacial to avoid irritating your skin.
  • Sports

    Do not exercise for the first few days after treatment.
  • Sauna and sun

    Avoid sunbathing, solariums and saunas. Be sure to wear products with sun protection factor when in the fresh air.
  • Creams & Peels

    Avoid skin-irritating creams and peelings in the first few days after treatment.

Aquafacial Berlin Mitte: risks and side effects

If you have an aquafacial treatment carried out at Sanft & Schön in Berlin Mitte, you do not have to expect any serious risks or side effects. The Aquafacial is one of the gentlest and gentlest cleanses the beauty industry has to offer.

In rare cases, redness or feelings of tightness may occur after the treatment - depending on how sensitive your skin is. In addition, in very rare cases, your skin may burn or itch a little. However, these effects should wear off within a very short period of time.

We advise against an aquafacial if…

  • ... you suffer from a severe, active skin infection, such as herpes.
  • ... you have severe skin irritation in the area to be treated (e.g. sunburn).
  • recently had laser treatment.
  • ... you have fresh wounds or scars.

Our Aquafacial FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Aquafacial

How much does it cost?

Our aquafacial prices

body region
Hydrocare AquaFacial
Faceapprox. 45 minutes99,00 €
Face, neck & décolletéapprox. 60 minutes129,00 €
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