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Acne treatment in Berlin

Flawless skin thanks to Sanft & Schön

Do you want radiant, fresh and even skin - without unsightly acne pimples and painful inflammation? Then an acne treatment in Berlin Mitte at Sanft & Schön is the proven solution for your skin problems! Thanks to professional cleansing and suitable care products, our beauticians will conjure up an even complexion for you - with a lasting effect. Depending on your skin structure, we can complement your acne treatment with a fruit acid peeling, an aquafacial or a microdermabrasion. Blemishes, acne and redness are finally a thing of the past.

That's how it's done

Acne treatment Berlin in seven steps

Our acne treatments are based on the combination of three basic principles: deep cleansing, skin smoothing and the activation of healing processes. In about 45 minutes, the seven-step anti-acne treatment combines nine products that are ideally tailored to your skin and tackle your acne.

Sanft & Schön -Tip: You will notice an improvement in your skin after the first treatment. However, we recommend that you initially carry out around four treatments two to three weeks apart - this way you will achieve the best results.

  • cleaning

    The basis of your acne treatment in Berlin is a deep cleansing of your facial skin. We use a refreshing cleansing gel with a light fruit acid content, which is applied to the face, neck and décolleté and massaged in with gentle pressure. Now multifunctional active ingredients come into action: lactic acid stimulates your skin's own collagen and works against fine lines and wrinkles, glycolic acid stimulates cell metabolism and mandelic acid has an antibiotic effect - particularly important for inflammatory, bacterial acne. We then clean with a damp compress. Your skin remains clean deep down to the pores and is ideally prepared for the following active ingredients.

  • Tonify

    In the next step we will detoxify your skin using a facial toner. The herbal extracts it contains (nettle, chamomile, witch hazel) refresh and clarify your skin, while green tea protects against acne pustules and other skin impurities. The tonic has a purifying and calming effect and works preventatively against skin irritations and contamination. The toner is dabbed on with a cotton pad until your skin is clean, deep down to the pores. So your skin is ready for acids, serums and masks.

  • Acid treatment

    In our acne treatment Berlin we specifically use effective acids that refine your skin's appearance, prevent scars and combat impurities. First, we apply a peeling that normalizes sebum production and thus actively combats your impure skin. A neutralizing agent then regulates the PH value.

  • Incorporate active ingredients

    In the next step, a special serum is used to combat impure, stressed and irritated skin: Finely ground azelaic acid has an antibacterial effect and dissolves blackheads. This stops the growth of skin bacteria and keeps the pores clean. It also contains sarcosine, an active ingredient that can reduce oily skin by inhibiting sebum production. At the same time, it has mattifying properties and refines the complexion. Extracts from the rare alpine plant (Epilobium fleischeri) inhibit inflammation. In combination with a highly effective elixir against impure skin with oleanolic acid and panthenol, the serums are massaged into your skin manually or with a cosmetic device.

  • Increase drug delivery

    Once the serums have been incorporated into your skin, we spray on a Cell Renewal Spray as part of your acne treatment Berlin, which potentiates the effects of the previous active ingredients and refreshes your complexion.

  • Regenerating mask

    In the sixth step we dedicate ourselves to the regeneration of your skin. A soothing, soothing cream mask based on clay binds and neutralizes toxins and has an anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect. The panthenol it contains strengthens your skin's barrier function and microsilver has an antibacterial and nourishing effect on inflammatory skin problems. This allows impurities to heal better, your skin calms down and your complexion becomes fine, clean and even.

  • Final care

    At the end of your acne treatment in Berlin, we apply a care cream that suits your skin type and massage it in gently. Luxurious active ingredients sustainably support collagen synthesis and actively prevent wrinkles. Optimally selected oils provide the necessary care, but also regulate the sebum production of combination skin. This means your skin gets exactly what it needs and looks fresher, plumper and glowy.

Microdermabrasion, aquafacial and co.

This is an ideal complement to your acne treatment in Berlin

  • Facial treatment - microdermabrasion


    Especially if you have been suffering from acne for a long time and already have permanent scars, one can Microdermabrasion greatly improve your skin in the long term. Microdermabrasion is a special mechanical peeling that removes the top layer of your skin in a controlled manner. This works using a polishing device with fine crystals that gently abrade the skin. At the same time, the removed skin cells are sucked out using a vacuum. This reduces unsightly scars and immediately refines your skin structure.

    Caution: If you suffer from acute, severe acne, we advise against microdermabrasion. We'll wait until your skin has calmed down a bit.

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  • Facial treatment - Aqua Facial


    An aquafacial can provide relief in acute phases of your acne. The minimally invasive treatment specifically removes dead skin cells so that the underlying skin can regenerate completely. In the second step, your pores are softened with AHA/BHA acid and given anti-inflammatory therapy. The skin can then be optimally deep-cleaned using the vacuum effect before we give it a good dose of moisture in the final step.

    Sanft & Schön -Tip: In order to achieve visible progress in your acne treatment in Berlin Mitte, we recommend starting with several aquafacials at intervals of around four weeks.

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What you need to consider before acne treatment in Berlin

  • Detailed consultation

    So that we can tailor your acne treatment ideally to you and your skin, we recommend a personal consultation with our beauticians. This way we can be sure that the treatment works and shows lasting success.
  • Sun

    Avoid intensive sunbathing in preparation for your acne treatment.


What to consider after your acne appointment

  • Cosmetics

    On the day of your treatment, you should avoid cosmetics and do not use any other masks or peelings.
  • Sun

    Since we work with acidic active ingredients, you should avoid intensive sun exposure for a week and apply sufficient sun protection every day.

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