Pimples after ovulation: This is what you can do


Pimples after ovulation: This is what you can do

November 30, 2022

You don't need a cycle tracking app to know when your period is coming - just look in the mirror. There it sits, right on your chin: a pimple that settled on your face overnight and doesn't want to go away anytime soon.

Pimples ovulation
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You are not alone with this problem. Medical studies have now found that cycle-related hormone fluctuations have a major impact on the appearance of our skin. Over the course of the cycle, many women notice typical patterns in the form of skin imperfections.

You have a decisive advantage: the scientific findings guarantee you a certain degree of predictability. So if your skin only heals in a certain phase of the cycle acne and impurities, you can precisely calculate the appearance of your pimples and, ideally, take preventive action.

We explain how this works and how you can do your skin a favor even in difficult times in our article about pimples after ovulation.

Pimples Ovulation: These hormones affect your skin

Every month the female body realigns itself by going through the four phases of the cycle - from menstruation (approx. 1st - 6th day), follicular phase (approx. 6th - 11th day), ovulation (approx. 12th - 16th day) to the luteal phase (approx. 17th - 28th day) - and produces different sex hormones. This creates your very own time calculation in your innermost being, which has nothing to do with the 24/7 rhythm of our working world.

The cycle begins with the period. During this phase, the body produces more of the female sex hormone estrogen. Estrogen acts as a mood maker on the emotional area of ​​your brain - which also explains why you feel so incredibly good in the first half of your cycle. Researchers also assume that estrogen has a slowing effect on your sebaceous glands and also ensures good collagen production in your skin. Also the androgen, which is incorrectly labeled as 'male' testosterone increases significantly in the first half of the cycle until ovulation and promotes your desire.

After ovulation, progesterone is added to the hormone mix, while at the same time the strongest of the three naturally produced estrogens - estradiol - slowly declines until the next period. These fluctuations go unnoticed for some women, but for most they manifest themselves in mood swings and pimples.

During this phase of the cycle, your skin is more prone to breakouts

Pimples may occur more frequently, especially in the second half of your cycle, the luteal phase after ovulation. So you can mark the period between the 17th and 28th day of your cycle on your calendar, because thanks to your unfavorable hormone balance you will reach the lowest point in terms of impure skin.

But why is that actually the case? The cause of your skin imperfections is the decline in estrogen and testosterone production after ovulation (without conception). A lot of progesterone comes into play, which stimulates the sebaceous glands. This means your skin becomes greasy more quickly and bacteria feel particularly comfortable due to the increased body temperature.  

Before your period starts, all sex hormones are in a nosedive, which can be seen directly in the appearance of your skin. If you already naturally suffer from oily skin, blackheads and hormonal pimples after ovulation can also occur in this phase. But women who have rather dry skin also have to expect unpleasant skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis or severe itching in the luteal phase.  

Sometimes skin problems can even indicate a hormonal disorder - such as thyroid disease or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). If your cycle-related skin imperfections are particularly severe, you should definitely seek advice from a dermatologist - they can also advise you Determine skin type

But even without a diagnosis, you may be able to benefit from cosmetic treatments like this Microdermabrasion Berlin Mitte or one Aquafacial Berlin Mitte Benefit from the fact that your inflamed pimples will subside more quickly after ovulation in the luteal phase. For example, your skin will... Microdermabrasion By painlessly removing dead skin cells, it stimulates the formation of new and stronger cells. Do you want to do something good for your skin in the first half of your cycle? A Microneedling Berlin Mitte Tightens your skin and helps to regenerate (pimple) scars, wrinkles or sun-damaged areas of skin. 

Pimples ovulation
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Pimples Ovulation: Solutions for Skin Blemishes After Ovulation

If you want to get by without hormone preparations such as pills and the like, there are still a few things you can do to alleviate cycle-dependent skin problems and detect them early. 

Step 1: Get to know your cycle

Knowledge is half the battle. If you don't already use a cycle tracking app, you should definitely download Clue, Ovy or FLO. In the apps you not only get your next ovulation predicted, but you can also record how your skin feels on a specific day.

Observe and note how exactly your skin changes over the course of the cycle. When does she show her best side? When is your complexion uneven? Are pimples before ovulation or after ovulation the problem?

The better you get to know your cycle and your skin, the more control you will have over ovulation pimples and you will be able to react more calmly if monthly impurities suddenly appear on your face again.

Step 2: Analyze your lifestyle

It is now well researched that lifestyle has an enormous influence on our skin. While some women react to excess sugar with skin problems, others get pimples when they consume dairy products such as yogurt or cheese. It is no longer a secret that alcohol and cigarettes further weaken the skin barrier and promote inflammation, while fresh fruit and vegetables as well as nuts beautiful skin from the inside care for. Stress also has a negative impact on your skin, with consequences such as lack of sleep, a poor skin care routine and fast food excesses at night.

Try to document not only your cycle, but also your lifestyle for one to three months in order to rule out a connection between poor nutrition, alcohol consumption and cycle-related pimples. Are there foods that make your skin worse or better? What skin care products do you use and how does your skin react to them? How much do you sleep every day and do you spend time outdoors?

Step 3: Take concrete measures to combat pimples after ovulation

You know when your luteal phase begins and you already pay meticulous attention to your lifestyle - but the annoying pimples after ovulation just won't go away? Then it's time to actively do something for your skin and resort to peelings, masks or an appointment at your favorite cosmetic studio.

For example, gentle peelings with salicylic acid help to clear clogged pores of dead skin cells, sebum and dirt. The rule of thumb also applies: touch your face as little as possible, because there are a lot of bacteria on your fingers, which also promote the development of pimples. Are you still inclined to do so? acne, we advise you to bring SOS care products with you zinc or use antibacterial agents that relieve inflammation and accelerate healing.

Pimples ovulation
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Pimples ovulation: Conclusion on hormonally caused skin impurities

The female cycle not only influences our well-being and energy balance, but also our external appearance. Body's own Hormones constantly send signals to the brain, determine how many love handles we have, make us laugh and change the appearance of our skin. It is all the more astonishing that we often forget this natural process when it comes to taking a holistic view of our health.

In this article we have given you an initial overview of the four cycle phases and the hormones that flow through your body during this time. In order to understand in the long term why pimples appear, especially during the ovulation and luteal phases, it is essential to further study your cycle. You can do this by using certain period tracking apps or by writing an analog cycle diary. Also books like Sina Oberles The cycle code or The power of your cycle by Nora Konrad are suitable for developing your very own, holistic concept for greater well-being. 

It's important that you don't stress yourself out unnecessarily if one of the troublemakers shows up in your face again. Even the best precautions cannot always prevent pimples after ovulation. If you feel the need for a treatment like this in this delicate cycle phase Acne treatment Berlin If you're looking for something, don't be afraid to contact us and come to our studio in Berlin Mitte. 

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