Beautiful without make-up: 9 tips on how to make your skin shine even without make-up


Beautiful without make-up: 9 tips on how to make your skin shine even without make-up

March 14, 2023

Like brushing your teeth, make-up is part of your morning routine? Would you like to feel beautiful and ready to go out even without make-up? Then it's high time to change something, because: Your skin can shine even without foundation, concealer, blush, etc.!  

Beautiful without make-up: 9 tips on how to make your skin shine even without make-up
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By the way, avoiding make-up is very trendy: Stars and starlets are also increasingly presenting themselves naturally on the world's red carpets and showing that beauty has nothing to do with artificial perfection. But it's not just about avoiding make-up etc. - the message behind it goes much deeper: Nobody has to submit to social norms without standing behind them themselves. No-makeup stands for self-confident individuality. Social media shows that there are more and more followers of the unvarnished truth: There are around 20 million pictures and videos on Instagram under the hashtag #nomakeup.  

In our article we will tell you why it is important that you regularly go without make-up, what advantages the no-make-up look has and how professional facial treatments support a radiant complexion. We'll also give you nine tips to help you achieve beautiful skin without make-up.  

That's why you should avoid wearing makeup regularly

Regardless of whether it's simple everyday make-up or the glamor version in the evening: make-up gives us the opportunity to compensate for small visual imperfections and highlight our advantages: mascara opens your eyes, contouring makes your face appear more striking and lipstick colors and emphasizes them lips. 

Beautiful skin without makeup: let your skin breathe 

However, it is important that you avoid using your favorite beauty products every now and then, because powder, bronzer, etc. clog your pores. Applying make-up every day can therefore make it harder for your skin to breathe and regenerate less quickly from harmful environmental influences. In this case, your evening skincare routine can only provide a marginal improvement.  

Do you look years younger without make-up? This is not an optical illusion, but a fact. Even though make-up is intended to smooth out unevenness, wrinkles, etc. on the face, it makes you appear significantly older because it adds depth and contour. Foundations or concealers in particular tend to build up in the first wrinkles over the course of the day, thereby emphasizing them instead of concealing them. Mascara also often leaves a black haze under your eyes after a few hours, which looks like dark circles and makes you look older.  

Beautiful without makeup
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Feeling beautiful without makeup is purely a matter of habit
Another important reason to leave the house without make-up every now and then is the fact that you also have beautiful skin without make-up! Nobody needs makeup to be beautiful! Looking in the mirror without makeup is just a matter of habit. The more often you look at yourself without makeup, the faster you will feel more comfortable without makeup.

Beautiful without make-up: 9 tips for radiant skin without make-up

Our tips for radiantly beautiful skin without makeup will help you boost your self-confidence and perfect the no-makeup look.

1. Skincare routine that suits your skin

You can get beautiful skin without make-up through a skin care routine that ideally covers the needs of your skin. Before you stock up on cosmetic products, you should determine your skin type. The beautician can advise you in or dermatologistin your trust.

Whether you have combination, dry or oily skin: some fixed skincare ingredients suit everyone Skin types:

  • Exfoliate your skin twice a week to remove dead skin cells and promote circulation. You don't need a high-end cosmetic product for this: homemade peelings made from quark, coffee grounds or sugar as well as those from the drugstore (without plastic particles!) also serve their purpose. However, chemical peels are particularly effective and gentle on the skin. Slowly approach different active ingredients and concentrations.
  • If you want to be beautiful without make-up, you have to provide your skin with plenty of moisture, because dry skin quickly makes your complexion look pale and wrinkled. It's best to use creams with aloe vera , hyaluronic acid or urea content. These give your skin what it needs.
  • Beautiful skin without make-up requires consistent UV protection – all year round! Even when the sun isn't shining or you sit at your desk all day, harmful UV radiation reaches your skin. This causes premature aging of the skin and, in the worst case, can cause skin cancer. With a sun protection factor of more than 30, you are well prepared every day and protect your skin from wrinkles.
  • Other harmful environmental influences can also prevent you from feeling beautiful without makeup. If you travel a lot in cities with high traffic volumes, cosmetics that protect your skin from environmental influences - so-called 'anti-pollution' products - are suitable.
  • Pay attention to gentle, pH-neutral cleansing with lukewarm water in the evening: Even if you have oily or combination skin, do not use aggressive products and avoid washing your skin excessively. A facial toner supports deep pore cleansing and ideally prepares the skin for the subsequent care products.
  • Do you want beautiful skin without makeup? For a healthy, glowy complexion, you should definitely use a serum - for example with vitamin C or niacinamides.
Beautiful without makeup
Image: Polina Kovaleva/pexels

Sanft & Schön tip: Regular professional facial treatments are the perfect addition to your skincare routine and a real game changer when it comes to beautiful skin without makeup. One Microdermabrasion Berlin Mitte ensures a flawless glow Aquafacial Berlin Mitte provides your skin with moisture and a Microneedling Berlin Mitte makes the first wrinkles disappear. You suffer acne? Our Acne treatment Berlin supports you in fighting against skin impurities. 

2. Beautiful without makeup thanks to a healthy lifestyle 

We all love to drink a glass of wine every now and then, eat junk food and enjoy a bar of chocolate while watching our favorite film on the sofa in the evening. Even if it is balm for the soul, these exceptions are not good for our skin. Unhealthy foods cause... impure skin and thus prevent us from feeling beautiful without make-up. 

Beautiful skin from the inside You get it through a healthy, vitamin-rich diet. Make sure that you avoid alcohol and cigarettes as much as possible. These promote dilated blood vessels and make your complexion appear blotchy and pale. Additionally, excessive consumption can lead to dry, flaky skin and sagging facial features. Nicotine also blocks the formation of the skin's own collagen and thus leads to rapid wrinkle formation.  

Sleep is also important for beautiful skin without make-up: those who don't sleep enough have dull, pale skin and dark circles under their eyes. Feeling beautiful without makeup is hardly possible. In addition, a lack of sleep can promote faster wrinkle formation as well as inflammation and irritation. Therefore, make sure that you sleep at least seven hours every day.   

Sanft & Schön tip: Foods such as bananas, eggs, sour cherries, teas made from lavender, chamomile, valerian or even walnuts provide you with melatonin or magnesium and are therefore considered to be particularly sleep-promoting. Perfect for deep beauty sleep and a restful night's sleep!

3. Fresh air for beautiful skin without makeup

A long walk in the fresh air or a short sports session in the park next door are not only good for your physique, but also make your skin shine! On the one hand, the sun provides you with a good portion Vitamin D, which can have an anti-inflammatory effect, and on the other hand, exercise stimulates blood circulation. This means more oxygen and nutrients reach your skin, making your complexion appear rosier and firmer.  

4. Take advantage of changing temperatures 

Even though changing temperatures - for example in winter - can be quite hard on your skin, you can also take advantage of them if you want to feel beautiful without make-up.

A hot steam bath opens the pores of your skin so that sebum can gently drain and be removed. This prevents impurities and makes your skin shine.  

Sanft & Schön Tip: A steam bath with chamomile tea also has an anti-inflammatory effect and is an absolute insider tip, especially for problem skin. 

Cold water, unlike hot steam, is refreshing and invigorating. In the morning, a splash of ice-cold water gives your skin a boost of freshness and makes your complexion shine. A practical thermal water spray during the day ensures beautiful skin without make-up: It gives your skin the moisture it needs and makes it appear nourished, plump and vital.  

Beautiful without makeup
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5. Beautiful lips without makeup

You don't need color or gloss on your lips to make them look irresistibly beautiful. Here too, proper care is the key to radiantly beautiful naturalness.  

Remove dead skin cells at least once a week with a special lip peeling (usually made from sugar crystals). This will make your lips soft and even. Also provide them with a good dose of moisture on a regular basis - your favorite lip care is usually sufficient here. Intensive lip masks that you can leave on overnight also work wonders.  

6. Natural eye look without make-up

The eye area is the most important area of ​​the face for many people who use makeup. Here you can conjure up true works of art with mascara, eye shadow and the like.  

If you want to feel beautiful without makeup, you can emphasize your eyes in a no-makeup look with Vaseline, for example. As a mascara replacement, Vaseline is carefully applied with a brush from the roots to the top edge of the eyelashes. Not only will your eyes shine, but your eyelashes will also be cared for by the Vaseline, allowing them to grow longer and thicker and fall out less quickly.  

A beautiful eye area without makeup also includes well-groomed eyebrows. Perfectly shaped eyebrows give your eyes more expression and your appearance looks fresher and brighter. Don't feel like plucking your eyebrows regularly? Then Eyebrow waxing in a cosmetic studio is the uncomplicated and convenient solution for you. 

7. Beautiful without makeup: A charming smile

Not only your skin, but also your smile should shine if you want to feel beautiful without make-up! For an irresistible smile, well-groomed, white teeth are an absolute must. Therefore, brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily to keep the spaces between your teeth clean.  

To maintain the natural whiteness of your teeth, you should avoid foods with coloring ingredients such as coffee, tea or red wine and nicotine as much as possible. Visiting the dentist every six months is also a basic requirement for an enchanting smile.  

8. Water as a beauty elixir for beautiful skin without make-up

The be-all and end-all for radiantly beautiful skin without make-up is optimal fluid balance. The better your body is supplied with water, the more radiant your complexion will be. If you drink too little or the humidity in the rooms you are in is very low, this will deprive your skin of moisture. The consequence of this: unsightly dry wrinkles and lines that you would like to do without.   

Ideally, drink two to three liters of water a day and also consume water-rich foods such as cucumber, melon or tomatoes. These also provide your skin with secondary plant substances, vitamins and minerals, so that you feel beautiful without make-up.  

Beautiful without makeup
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9. Remove facial hair for a glowy complexion

Do you have a lot of hair on your face? This may make your complexion look rather pale and dull - even though you would like to shine beautifully without make-up. Removing facial hair can work wonders: on the one hand, your hair-free skin is glowier than ever before, but on the other hand, it can also be optimally cared for because cosmetic products can be better incorporated into the skin.  

We recommend having your face waxed - so you don't have to do it all the time shave and at the same time remove dead skin cells with the hairs. If you like it long-term, you can consider laser treatment as a permanent alternative.  

Beautiful without make-up: checklist for radiant skin without make-up

  • A daily skincare routine tailored to your skin type 
  • A healthy, vitamin-rich diet
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco and sugar as much as possible 
  • Enough sleep
  • Fresh air and exercise 
  • Hot steam baths & thermal water spray
  • Lip peels & masks
  • Vaseline as a mascara substitute
  • Proper dental care for a radiant smile
  • Provide your body with plenty of fluids
  • Facial hair removal
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