Shaving is a process of hair removal performed on the surface of the skin. The aim is to remove or trim unwanted body hair to achieve a smooth skin feel or for aesthetic, hygienic or cultural reasons. There are two main methods of shaving: the Wet shaving and the Dry shave. Both methods have their specific preparations, techniques and aftercare requirements.

General tips

  • Sharpness of the blades : Regularly changing or sharpening the blades prevents skin irritation and ensures an effective shave .
  • Hygiene : Both razors and electric shavers should be cleaned regularly to avoid a buildup of bacteria and resulting skin irritation.
  • Skin Care : Regardless of the method chosen, skin care before and after shaving is essential to minimize irritation and keep skin healthy.

Shaving is a common practice used by both men and women on various areas of the body, including the face, legs, armpits and bikini line. The choice of method depends on personal preferences, skin type and desired result.

Similar terms

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