Razor bumps

Razor bumps, also known as Pseudofolliculitis barbae, are small, inflamed bumps on the skin that often appear after shave appear. These skin irritations occur when cut hair grows into the skin instead of growing out of it. Razor bumps can cause itching, redness, and discomfort and often appear on the face, neck, underarms, or bikini line. They are particularly common among people with curly or wavy hair because their hair structure promotes hair ingrowth.


  • Ingrown hairs : Shaving cuts hair so short that it can grow beneath the surface of the skin and cause inflammation.
  • Skin irritation : The friction from the razor blade can irritate the skin and cause inflammation.
  • Unhygienic shaving methods : Using dull razor blades or failing to clean the skin before and after shaving can increase the risk of infections.


  • Gentle shaving techniques : Shave with the direction of hair growth rather than against it to minimize skin irritation.
  • Using shaving gel or foam : These products help protect the skin and reduce friction.
  • Sharp razor blades : Always use a sharp blade and replace it regularly.
  • Skin care : Wash skin before shaving and use a soothing aftershave product or moisturizer after shaving.
  • Exfoliating : Regularly exfoliating the skin can help remove dead skin cells and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.


  • Topical treatments : Products containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid can help unblock ingrown hairs and reduce inflammation.
  • Cool compresses : Applying cool compresses can help relieve itching and redness.
  • Avoiding further irritation : Give the skin time to heal by not shaving .
  • Medical treatment : For severe or persistent problems, a dermatologist may recommend specific creams or treatments.

Although razor bumps are unpleasant, they can often be avoided or successfully treated with the right shaving techniques and skin care products. For recurring or severe problems, professional advice from a dermatologist may be helpful.

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