Eyebrow waxing: wax as a precise DIY beauty tool


Eyebrow waxing: wax as a precise DIY beauty tool

August 31, 2022

Eyebrows make our face what it is: They give contour and expression, proportion and emphasize our facial features, support facial expressions, let the other person quickly see whether we are skeptical, happy or sad and round off our appearance harmoniously. Eyebrows are only a small part of our body - but with a big impact: If eyebrows are neglected, it affects your external appearance.

Eyebrow waxing
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Brows rarely grow perfectly naturally. That's why many men and women declare war on the hairs above their eyes every day: some shave Shape their eyebrows with mini tools, while the others pluck annoying hairs individually with tweezers. Both methods do not promise long-lasting results and, if in doubt, are very time-consuming. eyebrows Waxing is, on the other hand, a quick and precise beauty tool that makes your face shine. 

Which Eyebrow waxing There are methods, how you can best prepare for waxing and why, if in doubt, it is better to only let experts do your brows, you can find out in our article. 

Eyebrow waxing: There are two methods

If you decide to wax your eyebrows, you can choose between two methods: Warm wax or cold wax strips. 

Warm wax is mainly used in professional cosmetic studios - including in our Sanft & Schön salon. You receive the wax in a solid state, so it must be warmed and liquefied before use. A water bath or the microwave is suitable for this. If you wax your eyebrows or other parts of your body regularly, it is also worth purchasing a wax heater: with some models you can even set the target temperature - this saves you painful waxing experiences with warm wax that is still too hot. Once the wax has reached the appropriate temperature, it is applied with a spatula and covered with a strip of fleece. After just a few seconds, you can tighten the skin and pull the strip off with one tug. Little by little you work your way around your eyebrow.

Cold wax is, however, ideal for home use. You can often buy a set specially designed for eyebrow waxing, which contains ideally shaped cold wax strips for above, below and between the brows. In contrast to warm wax, it is sufficient to briefly warm the cold wax strips between your hands. Then place the strip in the correct position, press it briefly, tighten the skin and then pull it off quickly. Repeat the individual steps until you have eliminated all unnecessary hairs.

Regardless of whether it is cold or warm wax: After waxing, you should remove the wax residue with a damp care cloth or with a little make-up remover on a cotton pad. Just wipe the brow area gently as your skin is irritated.

Our Sanft & Schön tip: When waxing eyebrows, always remove the wax strips in the opposite direction to the direction of growth! This is a little more painful, but it guarantees that you remove as many hairs as possible, including the roots, at the same time.

Eyebrow waxing
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Eyebrow waxing: How to find the right shape for your face

Finally perfect brows? Eyebrow waxing promises you long-lasting results and clear contours. But how do you find the right shape that ideally suits your face?  

The basic rule is: If you have a rather angular face, your brows can be more rounded, which will look a little softer. In contrast, with a soft, round one

Face angular shapes for striking and interesting facial features. 

You can find out exactly how your brow should run using the so-called three-point technique. This method allows you to determine the three most important points of your eyebrow: the starting point, the highest point of the arch and the end of your brow. It's that easy:

  1. Take a thin brush or pen in your hand and place it on the outside of your nose. The second landmark for the start of your eyebrow is the corner of your eye. Now align your brush or pen so that it connects the outer edge of the nose with the inner corner of the eye. Where the brush now meets your brow is the optimal point where your eyebrow should start.
  2. You can determine the crown of the arch – the highest point of your eyebrow – in a similar way. Place your brush or pencil at the very corner of your nose and angle it so that it goes through the pupil and finally hits your brow. This is where the height or turning point of your eyebrow should be.
  3. For the end of the brow, place the pencil or brush on the side of the nose again and form a line towards the outer corner of the eye. If the brush and brow intersect, that is the appropriate end point for your eyebrow. Now repeat the procedure with your other eye.  

Our Sanft & Schön tip: Mark the three points with an eyebrow pencil! Ideally, you connect the dots with lines and thus contour your new eyebrow shape. This can give you orientation and security during subsequent waxing.  

Eyebrow waxing
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Eyebrow waxing: Preparation and care are the be-all and end-all 

Like any other part of your body, you should prepare your eyebrows for waxing - this, among other things, prevents your skin from being irritated afterwards. Also note that your hairs need to be at least one millimeter long to be removed with wax. Before and after your eyebrow waxing, you should also consider the following four points:

1. Clean your skin before eyebrow waxing 

Before you start shaping your eyebrows to the perfect shape, you should remove makeup residue, surface bacteria and oils from your skin. This works best with a mild make-up remover. This is the only way the warm or cold wax sticks really well and can reliably remove all the hairs.

  • Caution : Take another look at your make-up remover before cleaning - if it contains oil, you should use a different product.

2. Peeling for long-lasting eyebrow waxing

Do you want to do something good for your facial skin? A weekly peeling not only removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin beautifully glowing, but also ensures that hairs do not grow in after waxing. So don't leave your eyebrows out when peeling!

3. After eyebrow waxing: the right care

Whether warm or cold wax: eyebrow waxing puts a strain on your skin. So after waxing, make sure that the area around your brows receives a good amount of care. For example, one is doubly effective Aloe vera Gel: It provides a lot of moisture - at the same time it cools and soothes your skin. To keep your brows supple, you can care for them regularly with a serum or cold-pressed castor oil.

Our Sanft & Schön tip: It's best to wax your eyebrows in the evening! This allows your skin to regenerate overnight.

4th taboo after eyebrow waxing: UV radiation

Since your skin around your eyebrows is the first few days - despite Care after waxing – If you are more sensitive, you should avoid direct sun and apply sufficient UV protection cream as you do every day. This way you play it safe and don't risk painful burns.  

Eyebrow waxing
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Advantages and disadvantages of eyebrow waxing 

Eyebrow waxing has numerous advantages and shines above all with efficiency and long-lasting results. However, the beauty tool is not suitable for everyone and also has disadvantages that you should be aware of.

Advantages of eyebrow waxing:

  • Results last up to four weeks as the hairs are removed along with the roots
  • Especially dense, bushy and fast-growing eyebrows can be easily tamed
  • Waxing is effective: unlike plucking removed at once
  • Quick application, especially with cold wax strips: These are already shaped and fit perfectly under, between and over the eyebrows
  • is perceived as less painful because hairs are not pulled out individually
  • Wax can be used all over the body

Disadvantages of eyebrow waxing:

  • Be careful with sensitive skin: Waxing may put too much strain on the skin
  • Waxing takes practice and the results may not be as precise as desired at the beginning 
  • Hairs first have to grow (1 mm) for wax to take effect 

Why you should leave eyebrow waxing to an expert when in doubt

A hair here, a hair there - if you've previously kept your eyebrows in shape with tweezers, switching to do-it-yourself waxing can be fatal. While when plucking your eyebrows you remove one hair at a time and can quickly correct small mistakes, waxing removes many hairs at the same time - in case of doubt, parts of the brow that you actually didn't want to remove.  

Not sure if waxing works for your eyebrows? Then trust the expert and have your brows professionally shaped. In our Sanft & Schön cosmetic studio in Berlin Mitte, our depiladoras will familiarize you with eyebrow waxing in a relaxed manner. Nothing is guaranteed to go wrong here: We know which wax temperature feels comfortable on your skin, which brow shape suits your face and how we can achieve great results quickly and with relatively little pain.  

Is eyebrow waxing to your liking and do you love long-lasting smooth skin? Then try Brazilian waxing and the like! We would also be happy to advise you on how to... ingrown hair in the intimate area prevent or use different methods for permanent hair removal, for example Laser hair removal, also for Men.

Eyebrow waxing
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Conclusion: Eyebrow waxing as a beauty tool

Perfectly shaped eyebrows, clean contours – for weeks? Eyebrow waxing is an effective, long-lasting beauty tool and gets your eyebrows going. For home use, you can choose between warm wax or cold wax strips. Before you remove hairs, you should use the three-point technique to determine the beginning, the highest point and the end of your brow. This gives you orientation during the waxing and ensures that you don't remove too many hairs.  

Are you unsure and don't want to experience any unpleasant surprises with do-it-yourself waxing? Then let real professionals shape your eyebrows! Depiladoras work with wax every day and know exactly how to achieve perfect results. After waxing, make sure that you moisturize the irritated skin around your brows and protect it from UV radiation. A regular exfoliation once a week ensures that the hairs that grow back do not grow in and that you get a long benefit from your hair Waxing benefit.

We at Sanft & Schön in Berlin also offer any facial treatments, like that Microneedling, the Aquafacial as well as Microdermabrasion/- and Acne treatments.

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