Laser hair removal for men: This is what you need to know


Laser hair removal for men: What you need to know

May 31, 2022

Finally long-lasting smooth skin – without annoying hairs or stubble? Permanent hair removal is no longer just for women: more and more men are opting for laser treatments to get rid of unwanted hair forever.

Laser hair removal for men: What you need to know
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Whether for aesthetic reasons, as a hygiene measure or for sporting ambition: the reasons for laser hair removal for men are varied. 

Have you been thinking about permanently removing hair from one or more parts of your body for a long time? Your body hair has been bothering you for many years and restricting your normal life? Are you fascinated by innovative techniques and would you like to try them out for yourself? In our article we will tell you why men often have stronger hair growth, what advantages permanent hair removal has for men, what reasons speak for permanently removing hair from the body and how laser hair removal works.  

Possible risks of laser hair removal you can find it here.

A hairy affair: Why men have more hair

The body of every human being - whether male or female - is, with a few exceptions, covered with a barely noticeable, unpigmented down of hairs, the so-called 'Vellus hair'. In some places, for example on the head, legs and arms, face or chest and pubic area, the strong, fully pigmented ' Terminal hair', which is robust and highly visible. While women often have more – and longer – head hair, men have more body hair on their legs, chest and stomach. Why?

Body hair depends on androgen sensitivity. Androgens are male sex hormones that are responsible for the development of beard growth, muscles or a deeper voice. Androgens are produced by both men and – in smaller quantities – women. Body hair depends on the increased release of androgens: the higher the proportion of male sex hormones, the stronger the body hair - regardless of whether it is a man or a woman. Men's bodies are usually more covered by terminal hair than women's bodies: with the onset of the puberty Male body hair increases continuously and reaches its 'peak' around the age of 60. 

Laser hair removal men vs. women
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What hair actually looks like depends on individual genetics: it is genetically predetermined how many hair growth cells there are in the skin. Different habitats also influence the thickness of body hair. For example, the average body hair of men in indigenous human populations in Europe and North Africa is significantly stronger than in Asia.  

By the way: If a man has more hair on his body, there is a greater chance that the hair on his head will thin out as he gets older. 

Laser hair removal for men: This is how laser technology works

The Laser hair removal for men is the uncomplicated classic for permanently smooth skin: thanks to a product that is ideal for your skin and Hair types The light pulse reaches the hair via the coordinated laser beam hair root. Absorbed there Melanin, the dye in your hair, the light energy and transforms it into heat, which permanently destroys the cells that are responsible for hair growth. This means that hair no longer grows back and your skin remains permanently smooth.  

Important: Laser hair removal for men must be carried out professionally. If done incorrectly, permanent damage to the skin can occur. Therefore, only let trained experts touch your hair!

Permanent hair removal for men: 4 reasons for laser treatment

Many men suffer from increased androgen release, which is responsible for increased body hair. When annoying hairs suddenly appear on the back, buttocks or shoulders, it often affects a man's self-confidence and body confidence. The first measure to combat unwanted hair growth is to use a razor - but it quickly becomes annoying in the long run: you have to shave every day if you don't want unsightly stubble to be visible or noticeable; many parts of the body are difficult to reach and can hardly be shaved cleanly or razor bumps and other skin irritations plague you afterwards.  

Laser hair removal men: shaving
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Would you like to get rid of annoying body hair permanently? Laser hair removal provides relief for men with excessive hair growth and helps men feel comfortable in their own skin again. The reasons for this are numerous:

1. Laser hair removal for men: Hygienically hair-free

A frequently cited reason for laser hair removal for men is the hygiene aspect. No matter whether in stressful everyday working life, during top sporting performances or in the middle of summer: we produce a lot of sweat, especially under the armpits. If armpit hair is not removed, odors will develop much more quickly because the hairs bind sweat and create a habitat for odor-causing bacteria. If your armpits are hair-free, you can clean them much more easily and unpleasant odors are less likely to occur.  

2. Physical and mental well-being

Do you suffer from a lot of body hair and hardly dare to go to the swimming pool, the beach or the sauna anymore because you constantly feel other people's eyes on your body? Many men tend to no longer appear in public without clothes and thus severely limit their everyday lives. This hairy problem is often accompanied by severe psychological stress, which can cause significant long-term damage. Laser hair removal for men not only increases your physical well-being, but also gives you a better quality of life and self-confidence. With permanently smooth skin on your critical body parts, you will feel liberated and develop a completely new body feeling.

3. Increased attractiveness

While in earlier times the hairy male body was a sign of masculinity, virility, potency and power and was attractive to many women, today the aesthetic trends tend towards hair-free or well-groomed bodies. That means something like: Where hairy growth was once commonplace, clean contours and smooth skin now score points, skilfully showcasing the physique and muscles.

It is not for nothing that the ideal of beauty for many men today is a hair-free, accentuated body: it is perceived as youthful and is therefore rated as more attractive - especially by women. An actual Study by Philips finds that 34.8 percent of those surveyed remove their body hair for reasons of attractiveness, 23.7 percent to please their partner and 14.9 percent to correspond to the current ideal of beauty. 40.4 percent of all respondents rated the topic of hair removal as annoying and time-consuming. Permanent laser hair removal for men saves a lot of frustration and time when it comes to smooth skin.  

4. Laser hair removal for men: sporting success

When in doubt, a tiny hair can determine victory or defeat: Men who are active in sports opt for smooth skin on their legs or the entire body, especially in sports such as swimming, sprinting, football and cycling. The reason? Hair creates resistance in water or air, which slows down the speed. Since many sports take place outside, the athletes' skin is often exposed to harsh weather conditions. Shaving your body hair can cause severe skin irritation. That's why laser hair removal for men is particularly popular with top athletes: Permanently smooth skin keeps it healthy and the athlete can invest the time saved in training or regeneration.  

By the way: A hair-free upper body is also a tactical tool in boxing: smooth, sweating skin allows the opponent's boxing gloves to slip off.

Laser hair removal men: swimmers
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Laser hair removal for men: The method offers these advantages

Are you thinking about permanently declaring war on annoying body hairs and having laser hair removal for men? In contrast to conventional methods of hair removal using classic (wet) shave, epilation, cream or similar, laser treatment has many advantages:

  • Suitable for all skin and hair types
    We at Sanft & Schön in Berlin Mitte work with innovative diode laser technology that can be variably adjusted to three different wavelengths. Thanks to the different wavelengths, hair follicles in different skin depths and skin types can be reached and permanently destroyed: 755 nm wavelength is suitable for superficial, light, thin hairs, 808 nm wavelength penetrates deep into the hair follicles and is optimal for darker skin types, the wavelength 1064 nm Only absorbs melanin in small quantities and is therefore ideal for particularly dark skin types and deep-set, firmly anchored hairs.
  • Painless method
    Except for a slight tingling sensation caused by the erosion of the hair root, laser hair removal for men is absolutely painless. Finally say goodbye to unsightly cuts, skin irritations, razor bumps and ingrown hairs.
  • It couldn't be more convenient!
    Almost impossible contortions in the shower, shaving or forgetting half of your hair because you can't see it all? This is a thing of the past with laser hair removal for men! You lie comfortably on our treatment table in the Sanft & Schön studio, can listen to your favorite music and relax or talk to our hair removal experts. The time during the laser treatment becomes your 'me time', a short break from your stressful everyday life.
  • Save valuable time
    Hair removal can – depending on your individual body hair – be very time-consuming and time-consuming.
    Especially in summer, daily full-body shaving turns into pure stress. The advantage of permanent laser hair removal for men is obvious: you save a lot of valuable time. Your treatments will be scheduled every four to eight weeks and repeated around ten times depending on your hair type. Maybe fewer sessions are enough for you, maybe you need a few more. The treatment itself goes quickly: We apply the ultrasound gel, glide the handpiece over your body step by step - that's it. For example, for small areas like the armpits, we only need a few minutes.
  • Possible on (almost) any part of the body
    Laser hair removal for men is possible on almost any part of the body - whether legs, stomach, back, buttocks, chest, intimate area, armpits, arms or hands.
Laser hair removal for men: everywhere
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  • Hair-free even during the treatment
    In contrast to epilation or waxing , you do not have to let your hair grow to a certain length for laser hair removal. Between treatments you can shave, epilate and pluck as you wish - this does not affect the effectiveness of the laser method. Goodbye to wild growth!

Conclusion: Laser hair removal for men 

There are numerous reasons why men also decide to have permanent hair removal using laser: whether for hygiene reasons, for their own well-being or for sporting ambition - a hair-free body has many advantages. It is important that you obtain extensive information before your treatment and place yourself in professional hands. We would be happy to advise you in detail about laser hair removal for men in our cosmetic studio in Berlin Mitte or over the phone.  

Are you interested in other hair removal options? In our article Permanent hair removal You will get an overview of the best methods for long-lasting smooth skin. 

In our cosmetic studio Sanft & Schön Berlin we also offer all sorts of facial treatments like this Microneedling, Aquafacial as well as Microdermabrasion/- and Acne treatments at.

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