Laser hair removal risks


Laser hair removal: risks you should know

October 17, 2022

Smooth armpits, legs and a stubble-free bikini area - without having to reach for the razor every day? Sounds tempting, right? Hair-free skin without annoying razor bumps, redness or cuts not only feels good, but also flatters your self-confidence - whether in the outdoor pool in summer, visiting the sauna in winter or on a spontaneous date.

Laser hair removal risks you should know
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Even if one of the Beauty trends Over the last few years, growing armpit hair has been a priority, most women and now many men feel much more comfortable without hair. Smooth skin not only represents a well-groomed appearance and self-confidence, but also style, hygiene and self-care rituals.

As nice as the idea of ​​forever smooth legs is in theory, in practice laser hair removal - like all therapies in the medical and aesthetic field - can be associated with normal side effects and side effects. If you decide to have permanent hair removal, you should definitely be aware of the risks of laser hair removal before the treatment.

In this blog post we summarize everything you need to know about the topic Laser hair removal Risks for you compactly summarized. Let's go!

First things first: This is how laser hair removal works

At a permanent laser hair removal Disturbing hairs are removed with a needle and Laser epilation reliably removed by trained specialist personnel.

Our Laser hair removal at Sanft & Schön for example, is based on a patented system that works with a 3-wave diode laser is working. This concentrates light that can penetrate your skin in a targeted manner - and so on hair root destroyed. More specifically, the light from the laser penetrates your superficial layers of skin, resulting in... Melanin your hair absorbs the energy. This converts the light energy into heat and damages the surrounding cellular structures that are responsible for regrowing your hair. This ensures permanently hair-free skin.

Laser hair removal risks
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So much for the theory. However, before we begin permanent hair removal, there will be a detailed preliminary discussion. We need to get to know your skin and hair in order to rule out possible laser hair removal risks of treatment. Because: Permanent hair removal using laser is not for everyone Skin types suitable. Of course you can already make your own Determine skin typeto see if your skin is a candidate for laser hair removal.

Permanent hair removal with laser: Not all skin types are suitable

The bad news first: Laser epilation is not suitable for every skin type and every hair color. Standard laser devices like those found in most cosmetic studios only work well on dark or dark blonde hair on light skin without any laser hair removal risks.

Laser hair removal becomes a challenge, especially for very light skin, blonde and reddish hair. White and white-blonde hair contains too little melanin to absorb the laser radiation and transmit it to the follicle. In such cases, burns may occur. To rule this out, if in doubt you should definitely go for a test laser.  

However, it can also be problematic for people with very dark skin: in this case, laser treatment can rarely or not be carried out at all. Laser treatment on darker skin requires special devices that use particularly low doses of energy, otherwise pigmentation disorders can occur.

Laser hair removal risks
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If your treatment actually causes pigmentation disorders, you should consult with the team and, in the worst case scenario, cancel laser hair removal. Although the areas that are light or too dark will adjust to the color of the surrounding skin over time, it is still a risk that not every customer understandably wants to take.

Laser hair removal risks: skin redness, blistering and scarring

Do you have light skin and dark hair? Very good, so you are one of the people who statistically tolerate laser treatment best. Unfortunately, even if you have melanin-rich hair, you are not completely immune to the risks of laser hair removal and the unpleasant after-effects of laser treatment. You can also experience the typical side effects of laser treatment such as pain, redness, blisters, edema, crusts, bleeding, temporary hypo- and hyperpigmentation and unwanted hair loss.

But don't worry: these inconveniences are usually temporary and heal without leaving any scars. The situation is different if the laser is set too strong in the studio - in the worst case, irreversible scars can occur. The more serious side effects also include higher-degree burns with scarring, wound healing disorders with infectious consequences, dyspigmentation (disruption of the pigment content of the skin) and bacterial, viral and mycotic infections. The latter are caused, for example, by various types of fungi.

Laser treatment with birthmarks

The risks of laser hair removal also include birthmarks. Moles generally contain a lot of melanin - so they absorb the focused light of the laser just like the hair root, which should be the actual target of the treatment. Since this can lead to serious burns, laser hair removal is not possible on heavily pigmented areas of skin such as moles.

If you have moles, you should definitely not undergo permanent hair removal from the relevant skin region. Of course, our specialist staff knows this and ensures that your moles are carefully covered and avoided during treatment.

Laser hair removal risks
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Laser treatment: when does the risk outweigh the benefit?

In some cases it makes sense not to consider permanent hair removal - for example, laser treatment is not recommended if you suffer from severe circulatory problems or venous diseases. In addition, the regular intake of cortisone or anabolic steroids is considered a contraindication. Even if you are currently pregnant or rely on a pacemaker, you should avoid laser treatment as a precaution. Especially when alone at home.  

Laser hair removal risks: home laser

Home lasers are now offered in many discount stores and are advertised as an inexpensive alternative for home use. Medical recommendations show that these devices pose high laser hair removal risks: According to the medical journal Its use is clearly not recommended.

Patients without prior medical knowledge should under no circumstances attempt to do this themselves, as the treatment often leads to skin and eye complications in laypeople. So: Hands off and go to the expert. In professional studios you can be sure that your laser hair removal is correct and suits your skin or Hair types is carried out accordingly. 

Conclusion: Laser Hair Removal Risks 

Since lasers became established in the medical, cosmetic and aesthetic sectors, many treatments have been carried out with excellent results. By the way, permanent hair removal is no longer just a woman's job. Our male clients can also feel addressed: One Laser hair removal for men offers numerous advantages.

However, as with all therapies, laser treatment also has a spectrum of risks and side effects, which can even lead to serious side effects. Fortunately, these usually disappear on their own or can be avoided with professional advice before the procedure. So be sure to talk to your beautician before getting lasered.

In summary, irritation that occurs directly from the removal process in the first few hours after treatment will, in most cases, subside very quickly. Even hyperpigmentation - i.e. the darkening or lightening of the treated skin compared to the surrounding skin areas - usually disappears quickly and after a few months at the latest.

Depending on the region of the body, the pain of laser treatment can be reduced thanks to optimized treatment and state-of-the-art technology, so you don't have to be afraid of it. To protect your eyes from the laser light, you will also be given special safety glasses that you must wear during the process.

In any case, home lasers are many times more dangerous than any professional treatment in a cosmetic studio.

We at Sanft & Schön would be happy to discuss possible undesirable effects of the disease with you in a personal consultation Laser hair removal Berlin Mitte on. Do you have any questions in advance about permanent hair removal? We will be happy to help you on the phone or by message.  

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