3-wave diode laser

A 3-shaftdiode laser is an advanced form of laser hair removal technology that combines three different wavelengths in a single device to provide a wide range of Skin types and treat hair colors more effectively. This technology aims to take advantage of different wavelengths to achieve more comprehensive and efficient hair removal. The three wavelengths typically used in these devices are:

  1. Alexandrite wavelength (755 nm) : This wavelength is valued for its high efficiency in treating light and fine hair on fair skin. It has a high affinity for melanin , which makes it particularly effective for fair skin types.
  2. Diode wavelength (808/810 nm) : An all-rounder, this wavelength provides deep penetration into hair follicles with moderate melanin absorption, making it effective for treating a wide range of skin and hair types , including medium-dark skin tones.
  3. Nd:YAG wavelength (1064 nm) : This wavelength offers the deepest penetration, making it ideal for treating deep hair follicles and darker skin types. It is less dependent on melanin as a target and therefore minimizes the risk of skin changes and side effects on darker skin tones.

Advantages of the 3-wave diode laser

  • Comprehensive Treatment : Combining three wavelengths, the 3-wave diode laser can effectively treat a wide range of hair and skin types, from very light to very dark.
  • Greater safety : The ability to adjust the wavelength depending on skin and hair type minimizes the risk of side effects and skin irritation.
  • Efficiency : The combination of different wavelengths makes it possible to reach hair at different depths and growth phases, increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Comfort : Many 3-wave diode laser systems are equipped with advanced cooling technologies that make treatment more comfortable.


  • Cost : Devices that use this advanced technology can be more expensive to purchase and therefore more expensive to treat for the end user.
  • Need for multiple sessions : Although effective, multiple treatment sessions are typically required to achieve optimal results.

3-wave diode lasers represent a significant development in the Laser hair removal by expanding and improving treatment options. This technology offers a tailored solution that can be tailored to a variety of customer needs, making it an attractive option for clinics and patients alike.

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