Alexandrite laser

Alexandrite Laser is a medical device based on the principle of laser light emission. The laser beam is generated by a crystal medium made of a material called alexandrite.

The alexandrite laser works with a wavelength of around 755 nanometers. This wavelength is in the near infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum and can therefore penetrate deep into the skin.

The laser is often used in dermatological and medical aesthetics. It has the ability to treat a variety of skin problems including removal of tattoos, pigmentation, age spots, and freckles. In addition, it can also be used for hair removal.

The Alexandrite laser works through selective photothermolysis, in which the laser beam selectively absorbs the pigment in the skin cells and is then destroyed by heat. This causes the pigments to be broken down and removed from the body, while the surrounding tissue remains largely intact.

Treatment with the alexandrite laser is usually quick and relatively painless, although slight skin redness or swelling can sometimes occur, but this subsides quickly. The number of treatments may vary depending on individual needs and the skin condition being treated.

It is important to note that the Alexandrite Laser should be operated by trained professionals to achieve the best possible results and minimize possible risks. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a competent doctor or dermatologist before any treatment.

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