Beauty trends 2023


Beauty trends 2023: 7 skincare highlights that you should incorporate into your care routine

August 15, 2022

Are you a skincare junkie and always looking for new beauty trends that ensure radiantly beautiful skin? Then you're spoiled for choice: The skincare industry never stands still and new products are constantly being produced that are stylized and advertised as the holy grail of skin care. Following all the beauty trends of 2023 would take a lot of time and also put a strain on your wallet.

Beauty trends 2023: 7 skincare highlights that you should incorporate into your care routine
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We will therefore introduce you to seven skincare trends that are actually worth incorporating into your skincare routine and show you which active ingredients will give your skin a special boost this year. 

7 beauty trends for 2023 that are good for your skin

Whether it's minimalism, highly effective recipes or smoothing gadgets: the beauty trends of 2023 are for everyone Skin types and care habits, interesting active ingredients on board and reinforces sustainable production backgrounds that fit the spirit of the times. 

1. Skincare Trends: Highly efficient active ingredients for every skin type

Highly effective, efficient and true all-rounders: The skincare industry is using more and more active ingredients that are... radiant skin care for. 

Niacinamide: beauty trend and miracle weapon

The absolute beauty trend for 2023 is niacinamide or nicotinamide, a biologically active form of vitamin B3. The water-soluble vitamin is a miracle weapon for various skin needs - from anti-aging to blemishes. For beginners, a concentration of 1 to 5 percent is recommended; if you already have experience with the active ingredient, you can also try creams and serums with up to 10 percent niacinamide. Even if your skin is a bit more mature, you will benefit most from a higher concentration.

Niacinamide is hard to beat in terms of its effect:

  • Regulates sebum production & fights skin impurities
  • anti-inflammatory
  • has a balancing effect on pigment spots
  • strengthens skin barrier & protects against free radicals
  • stimulates collagen production
  • smoothes the first wrinkles and lines
Beauty trends 2023
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Highlight of the skincare trends: peptides

Peptides are smaller Proteins (proteins), which consist of several amino acids exist and have various natural functions - for example as human ones Hormones or messenger substances in plants. In cosmetics, peptides are said to have lasting anti-aging properties because they stimulate the skin's collagen production. Other peptides have an anti-inflammatory effect and offer, for example first aid for sunburn. In addition, the individual building blocks refresh the skin, make it more resilient and improve the complexion.  

Peptides are an absolute must-have among skincare trends:

  • quickly absorbing moisturizer
  • firms the skin 
  • promotes collagen production 
  • Regular use delays skin aging 

Beauty trends retinol: Vitamin A for well-groomed skin 

Retinol, also known as vitamin A, is a fat-soluble vitamin and is important for many different processes in the human body. It not only supports cell growth, but also promotes the normal functioning of the immune system, vision and mucous membranes. Retinol is also essential for the skin: On the one hand, it is a natural antioxidant that protects the skin cells from the negative influence of various free radicals, and on the other hand, retinol influences the appearance and structure of the skin structure. Also shrink large pores is one of the properties of retinol.

This is how the 2023 beauty trend retinol works on the skin:

  • renders cell-damaging free radicals harmless
  • stimulates collagen production
  • reduces wrinkle depth
  • shrinks pores
  • thickens the skin and makes it more resilient
  • Stimulates the skin's ability to regenerate
  • regulates moisture balance
  • exfoliating effect for a smooth complexion

2. Beauty trends 2023: Skinimalism – less is more

The new word 'Skinimalism' - composed of 'Skin' (German). skin) and 'Minimalism' (German. Minimalism) – is a beauty trend that reduces skin care and make-up to the bare essentials and has a lasting, long-term effect. The reduced and at the same time well thought-out skincare routine aims to engage more actively with the ingredients of the beauty products and to find the optimal composition for your own skin.

Skinimalism: Three products are enough 

Daniel Isaacs, research director at cosmetics brand Medi8, recommends narrowing your skincare routine down to three excellent products. This includes a good one vitamin C-Serum, a broad spectrum sunscreen and a highly effective vitamin A product. If your skin has special needs, you can of course expand or adapt this base. You can make things particularly easy for yourself and your skin if you use coordinated products from a care range - this will save your skin a lot of stress.

Beauty trends 2023
Source: Liana Horodetska/pexels

This is how skinimalism works 

How to get started with Skinimalism? Proceed in a similar way to sorting out your wardrobe: pick up each product individually, look at the ingredients and think about how often you use it and how it makes you and your skin feel. Whatever is fun and makes you feel good can stay - the rest goes away. Also, throw out any expired products. By the way, Skinimalism is one of ours Anti-aging tips: Too much care is not good for mature skin. 

3. Clean beauty as a cosmetic trend for 2023

It has been apparent for some time now: the beauty trend is moving more and more towards sustainability and clean products. In this context, 'clean' means that cosmetics do not contain any harmful ingredients. Toxic, poisonous and harmful active ingredients are therefore avoided; only high-quality, wholesome ingredients that care for and nourish the skin are used.  

What you won't find in clean beauty products:

  • Artificial colors and fragrances: These irritate your skin and, in the worst case, can trigger allergies.
  • Mineral oils: The byproducts of the petroleum industry can clog pores and are suspected of being carcinogenic.
  • Parabens: The controversial preservatives prevent bacterial growth in cosmetics and make them last longer - but can have a major impact on our health. 
  • Phthalates: The job of emulsifiers is to keep products supple. However, they can be absorbed through the skin and, like parabens, are associated with illness.  

By the way, clean beauty is not necessarily related to vegan products or organic and natural cosmetics. In addition, the term 'clean' is not a protected term and is therefore always a question of interpretation - even in the cosmetics industry. It's best to find out directly from the manufacturers which clean beauty principles they follow and which standards their products meet.

Beauty trends 2023
Source: Alesia Kozik/pexels

4. Beauty trends 2023: Exotic active ingredients

A big skincare trend in 2023 is exotic active ingredients, such as bakuchiol or Japanese indigo.


Bakuchiol is a gentle and natural alternative to retinol and is obtained from the Babchi plant - also known as clover. This grows in India, Sri Lanka, China and Iran and is around 90 centimeters high. But it's not just the pleasant scent of the violet flowers that is unique: the plant has been used to treat skin diseases for many centuries, especially in India.  

Bakuchiol is very gentle on the skin and yet effective:

  • For sensitive skin, Bakuchiol has a calming effect on the skin and helps with redness or irritation.
  • Do you have pigment spots on your skin? In the form of a serum, Bakuchiol can penetrate deep into the skin and improve its appearance.
  • In mature skin, Bakuchiol stimulates collagen production, resulting in smooth, firm skin. It also protects the connective tissue of the skin.  
  • If you suffer from impure skin, Bakuchiol can have a calming effect and can be used to treat acne or pimples.

In contrast to the vitamin A acid retinol, bakuchiol is a natural active ingredient and thus prevents skin irritation or redness. 

Japanese indigo

The new trend ingredient for 2023 is Japanese indigo (also known as dyer's knotweed). Japanese indigo grows in Eastern Europe and Asia and was used in the past primarily for its blue-dying properties - as a replacement for classic indigo.  

In addition to its use for dyeing, the plant has always been used in Japanese medicine to treat skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema. The healing effect lies primarily in the anti-inflammatory components. This is ensured by a high proportion of the nitrogen-containing compound tryptanthrin, which flushes toxins out of the body and brings the skin into balance. At the same time, Japanese indigo strengthens your natural skin barrier, soothes your skin and makes it supple without weighing it down.

5. Skincare Trends: Dietary Supplements and Inner Beauty

We have long known that the appearance of our skin is closely linked to our general physical well-being. In order for your skin to really shine, you should make sure that your intestinal flora is intact and that you have all the essential nutrients Vitamins take to you. Your mental health or hormonal balance can also have a major impact on your skin.

The latest generation of nutritional supplements (NEM) ensure that your body gets everything it needs and this is what they do beautiful skin from the inside. If zinc, biotin, vitamin C or Omega 3 – depending on what your skin needs, you can also support it with NEMs. Collagen drinks are now available everywhere and support the body's own collagen production.  

Beauty trends
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It is important that - despite NEMs - you maintain a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol or cigarettes as much as possible, apply UV protection to your skin every day, and eat fresh, nutrient-rich foods. This is how you shine from the inside out!

6. Beauty Trends 2023: Eye pads 

You'll see them in every drugstore, on Instagram and TikTok and maybe even in your own refrigerator: We're talking about eye pads - the beauty trend of 2023. 

Above all, eye pads declare war on dark circles under the eyes and work against signs of fatigue, harmful environmental influences or stress. Practically packaged and soaked in highly effective tinctures, they are ideal for a boost of freshness in the morning or before important events. Ideally, you should place eye pads under your eyes for 20 minutes after cleansing your face two to three times a week to achieve optimal results.  

Beauty trends
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Ideal active ingredients in eye pads 

Depending on which active ingredients you choose, eye pads have different effects:

  • Panthenol reduces lymphatic congestion under the eyes and has a decongestant effect.
  • Caffeine awakens and refreshes tired eyes.
  • Hyaluronic acid, Q10, vitamins A, C and E as well as aloe vera or collagen have an active effect against wrinkles and pigment spots.

All eye pads also reduce eye puffiness and bags under the eyes thanks to their energizing and cooling effect. You can increase the cooling effect by storing your pads in the refrigerator.  

7. Beauty trends 2023: Trust a beauty expert

The beauty industry now produces countless products that you, as a layperson, can hardly get an overview of for yourself. In addition, many people don't even know what their skin needs, which ingredients are particularly effective and what they should stay away from.  

Our favorite beauty trend this year is therefore valuable expert advice: Your skincare professional is there to help you with advice and advice on all things skin-related. He will put together a plan with products that suit your skin and achieve the best results. Regular visits are important in order to adapt your current care to new needs.  

Beauty trends
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Are you looking for a studio where you can get good advice? We at Sanft & Schön in Berlin-Mitte will be happy to be your contact person! In addition to classic facial treatments, you can also treat your skin with us Microneedling, Aquafacial or Microdermabrasion in Berlin Mitte do something good. Come by and see for yourself!

Conclusion: beauty trends for 2023

This year there are also exciting trends in the beauty sector that you should definitely try out: whether clean cosmetics, nutritional supplements for the skin, minimalist skin care or exotic active ingredients - there is something here for every (skin) need. 

Nevertheless, the trend is clearly moving away from the do-it-yourself mentality: Given the ever-increasing selection of care products, a trustworthy expert at your side is worth its weight in gold. He can put together a sophisticated skincare routine for you and is the first point of contact when it comes to your skin. So you are optimally cared for – and your skin shines in all its glory.  

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