Young woman puts her fingers to her temple and smiles contentedly


Radiant skin in spring: 5 tips for your glow-up

May 2, 2022

Tulips and fruit trees are blooming in all their glory, nature is turning green again, the days are getting longer, the sun is shining: it's high time to give your face a glow-up and ensure radiant skin. 

Young woman puts her fingers to her temple and smiles contentedly
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With spring, not only the temperatures change, but also the needs of your skin - that's why it's important to adapt your care routine to the new weather. After the long winter months, your skin is probably dry, cracked and flaky because it has been repeatedly exposed to dry heating air and extreme cold. Unprotected areas such as your hands or face are particularly vulnerable. At temperatures below seven degrees Celsius, but also due to the low humidity during the day, the skin's own oil production decreases - and the skin becomes dry and sensitive. Masks are important for containing the Covid19 pandemic, but are also stressful for your facial skin: These contribute to the long-term lack of moisture in your skin. So what does the perfect care routine for spring-fresh skin look like?  

Which skin products you shouldn't do without in spring, how important the right diet for your skin condition and how you can conjure up a glow for your face in no time, we'll tell you in our five tips for beautiful skin in spring.

1. Radiant skin: Professional deep cleansing for optimal preparation 

A spring clean for your skin? You read that right: What gives our home a real glow-up doesn't harm our facial skin either. A professional deep cleansing at Sanft & Schön in Berlin prepares your skin optimally for the new care routine in spring.  
Dead, old and dysfunctional skin cells must be removed so that the nutrients from your care routine actually reach the skin. One will help you with this Microdermabrasion treatment in Berlin Mitte, which gently removes dead cells and thus opens the pores. Our Microneedling in Berlin Mitte On the other hand, it improves water storage capacity and ensures hydrated, plump, radiant skin and the ultimate glow for the face. One is also ideal for a preparatory deep cleaning in the spring Aquafacial treatment in Berlin Mitte, which moisturizes and intensively cleanses at the same time: dead skin cells are specifically removed so that the underlying skin can regenerate completely. Nutrients are delivered directly to the skin and hydrate dry, sagging winter skin.

Radiant skin
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2. Glow for the face: cleansing peelings and nourishing masks

Do you need an SOS tip for radiant skin that is easy to implement at home? The magic words are: peelings and masks. Peelings are true all-rounders for your face: They promote blood circulation and prepare the skin for subsequent skin care products to be absorbed. Because your skin is constantly exposed to environmental influences and absorbs and stores pollution from the air, you should clean it regularly. One or two peelings per week ensure that dead skin cells and impurities are removed and the top layer of skin can be easily renewed.  

Make sure that you use peelings with environmentally friendly, natural and easily tolerated substances: In many commercial peelings from the drugstore, plastic particles provide the promised cleaning effect - but these harm the environment because they enter the water cycle as microplastics and are not completely removed can be. For a natural peeling effect without environmental impact, we recommend peelings made from ground apricot kernels, coffee grounds or sugar-based. Mix five tablespoons of sugar with three tablespoons of olive oil to form a thick paste. Fresh rosemary provides a special kick of freshness. Apply with your fingers and massage gently in circular motions. Then wash your face with lukewarm water. What remains is velvety-soft, well-groomed, radiant skin.  

For impure skin or acne you should rely on fruit acid peelings. We would also be happy to help you with ours Acne treatment in Berlin. Chemical peels usually work with glycolic acid from unripe grapes or sugar cane. The acid penetrates the upper stratum corneum of the skin and dissolves the dead cells. In addition, the pores open and cell renewal is activated. About two days after the treatment, the top layer of skin peels off - revealing radiant skin.  

Ideally, you apply a mask or ampoule treatment with highly concentrated active ingredients to your peeled skin that moisturize and regenerate. This provides your skin with all the important nutrients and replenishes its moisture reserves. This means your skin is optimally prepared for the sun and other external environmental influences and you get a radiant glow for your face.

Radiant skin
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3. Radiant skin: moisturizer with light textures

Goodbye winter skin, hello spring freshness! In spring it's time to adjust your care routine and banish greasy care products to the farthest corner of your bathroom. As temperatures rise, not only does nature come back to life, your sebaceous glands have also woken up from hibernation and are functioning properly again.  

In spring, your skin care should be all about 'moisture' and compensate for the poor hydration of your winter skin. Particularly light creams and lotions with a high proportion of water and various moisture boosters such as urea, Aloe vera, glycerin or hyaluronic acid conjure up a glow for the face. Serums that are suitable for everyone provide even more moisture Skin types there is that you here you can determine yourself. Simply apply the serum under your day or night cream and you're done. Do you suffer from very dry skin all year round? Then you can continue to use rich care products. However, make sure that the fat content is lower than in the cold months.  

If you use products that are too rich, they can no longer be absorbed by the skin due to the increased sebum and lipid production. The unsightly consequences of this are clogged, enlarged pores and, in the worst case, stubborn pimples. Light fluids, gels and cleansing foams are therefore the optimal choice for radiant skin in spring, as they contain less oil and more moisture. They are also quickly absorbed into the skin and are boosters for changing your skin care routine. Also shrink large pores in no time at all.

Our tip: Slowly wean your skin off greasy care products in the spring. To begin with, only apply light creams during the day and stick to rich products at night. After two to three weeks, your skin will have gotten used to the new care routine, and you can now switch to lighter textures at night. By the way, sensitive skin reacts much faster to aggressive ingredients in spring. It's best to avoid additives such as fragrances, silicones or preservatives to prevent this.

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4. Beware of spring sun: sun protection for radiant skin

Do you want radiant skin in spring? Then use a day cream with high UV protection every day. After the dark winter months, your skin is weaned on the sun and quickly reacts sensitively to the unfamiliar sunlight. Even small amounts of UV rays can put so much strain on the skin.  

In order not to jeopardize your facial glow, you should slowly get your skin used to the spring sun and use sun protection products properly. This includes, for example, using the right amount of sunscreen or applying cream regularly. Care creams that contain UV protection with a sun protection factor of 30 to 50 are ideal for radiant skin. This protects your skin from sunburns, premature aging and harmful skin diseases - you can find out more about this here.

Sanft & Schön -Tip: Light sun protection serums that you can apply under or over your day cream are particularly recommended for daily UV protection in spring (yes, re-creaming is important here too!). Thanks to the fine textures, the serums are non-greasy and are therefore ideal as a base for your make-up.

Radiant skin
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5. Glow for the face thanks to skin care from the inside: nutrition and fluid balance

Your skin is super sensitive, especially in spring: it not only reacts sensitively to external influences such as temperature fluctuations or the sun, but can also be thrown out of sync by an unbalanced lifestyle and an unhealthy diet. A lack of essential nutrients in your food leads to a dull, dull complexion, redness on the face and skin blemishes. This makes your skin even more sensitive and makes it react more strongly to new care products or the sun.  

For radiant skin, be sure to pay attention to your diet: In general, you should eat enough fruit and vegetables so that your skin is supplied with all the important nutrients from within. Alkaline-forming foods such as grapes, carrots, tomatoes or walnuts ensure that your organism does not become too acidic. In addition, your food should consist of as natural and minimally processed products as possible. Avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar and spicy foods: sugar and spices can irritate the skin. Reducing foods containing saturated fatty acids will also give you a glow on your face.  

Important antioxidants (protection against free radicals) for radiant skin vitamin C, which has a firming function and reduces wrinkles, as well Vitamin E, which protects the membranes of skin cells, prevents UV damage and keeps the skin beautifully supple. Beta-carotene also supports the formation and repair of skin tissue and therefore serves as a natural sun protection from the inside. In addition, an intact fluid balance supplies your cells with moisture - so always make sure to drink enough water.  

By the way: factors such as alcohol, nicotine, stress and lack of sleep are knockout criteria for radiant skin. If you want a nice glow for your face, you should avoid these.  

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Radiant skin in spring: So you are well prepared

Our five tips for radiant skin in spring show: A sensible care routine according to the season is not that complicated. Ideally, you should make an appointment for a professional facial cleansing in our Sanft & Schön cosmetic studio in Berlin to optimally prepare your skin for spring and summer. We professionally remove old skin cells and provide your skin with the ideal amount of moisture that you need after the long winter. For at home, we recommend gentle peelings, light moisturizer with UV protection and a healthy diet.

However, you can only get a glow for your face if you care for your skin regularly. Integrate your care routine into your everyday life and provide your radiant skin morning and evening with care that suits your skin type. It's best to get advice from a professional cosmetic studio or pharmacy, as the wrong choice can do more harm than good and, for example, trigger allergies.  

Do you not only want a radiant complexion in spring, but also dream of silky, smooth skin? We have the advantages and disadvantages of different ones permanent hair removal methods We will take a closer look at them for you and tell you in our article what you should definitely pay attention to when making your selection.

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