Care after waxing: Everything you should consider before and after your Brazilian waxing


Care after waxing: Everything you should consider before and after your Brazilian waxing

July 1, 2022

You probably know this: summer has begun, the bikini is hanging in the closet - and the hair in your intimate area stands up as reliably as the Berliner in a traffic jam on the A100 in the morning. You don't feel like shaving, after all, not only is it quite annoying in the bikini area, the skin area also thanks you for it with unsightly pimples or irritations.

Care after waxing
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Brazilian waxing not only offers a more time-saving but also skin-friendly alternative in the long run. You don't know what to expect when it comes to care after waxing? No problem. In our article you will find out everything you need to know about the preparation and follow-up for the Brazilian Waxing need to know.

What is Brazilian Waxing?

Brazilian waxing is traditional hair removal using wax for the intimate area and bikini zone from Brazil. The origins of Brazilian waxing lie in the Brazilian coastal cities, where the method emerged in the 1990s. As thongs and microkinis became more popular, the demand for professional hair removal in beauty salons grew rapidly. At the turn of the millennium, the trend spread to the USA, where it first spread to California and later to Europe.  

In contrast to shave The hair is treated with Brazilian waxing including the hair root removed. The “Brazilian Hollywood Cut” is the best-known and most popular waxing variant: not a single hair is left standing.  

Brazilian Waxing: This is how it works!

Whether Hollywood Cut or Brazilian Triangle, all waxing variants have one thing in common: the wax is applied to the parts of the body that need to be removed using a wooden spatula. The wax needs to dry for a few seconds to harden. Then it is pulled off the skin with a jerk, which removes the hairs along with the hair roots.

Care after waxing
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Good to know: At Sanft & Schön we only use quality products that we are convinced of. That's why we swear by quick-drying Brazilian film wax that leaves your skin silky soft and smooth. The relatively low application temperature of 42-45°C makes it even more pleasant on your skin, opens the pores and helps make your treatment less painful. Our wax is of course free of perfumes and dyes, so that your skin is not subjected to additional stress or irritation.

Care before & after waxing: So you are well prepared 

For an optimal waxing result, it is not just the skills of our depiladoras (Brazilian term for beautician) that are important. Proper preparation and care after waxing are also essential. To make your waxing experience as pleasant as possible, we recommend that you follow the following checklist before your visit.  

Check-List: Avoid waxing 24 hours before waxing

  • Sunbathing
  • solarium
  • sauna
  • peeling
  • Cream or oil 
  • Shaving (Let the hair grow to 0.5 cm) 

Please avoid extensive sunbathing and solarium visits as well as sweaty activities such as sauna visits or sports 24 hours before the treatment. Also note that you do not apply greasy or oily products to your skin before your treatment.

Also let your hair grow for about two weeks before coming to Sanft & Schön . Your hair is longer than 1 cm? Then feel free to trim them a little. By the way, you can also come to our studio during your period. Make sure that you insert a fresh tampon or menstrual cup beforehand - then nothing will stand in the way of your Brazilian waxing.  

If you would like to coordinate your waxing appointment with your cycle, we have good news for you: In women, the sensation of pain depends on the cycle. Women are most sensitive to pain at the end of the cycle, i.e. shortly before the start of their period. Most insensitive to pain in the middle of the cycle during ovulation.  

Are you currently pregnant? This is not an obstacle to having your bikini area waxed - on the contrary. Since the treatment takes place outside your body, nothing can happen to the child. In most cases, the genital area is removed by nurses or midwives in the hospital shortly before the birth. You can avoid this stressful situation with professional and permanent hair removal.

Care after Brazilian waxing

You managed! You were in our studio, entrusted your body to a professional depiladora and can now proudly examine your results. Looks good, right? To ensure that your skin not only looks great, but also feels good for the long term, we have our best tips for care after waxing.

Care after waxing: check list 

Avoid 24 hours after waxing...

  • Direct sunlight and solarium 
  • Sports
  • Care products containing alcohol
  • Peels
  • sexual intercourse
  • Lace underwear and tight clothing

Instead, immediately after your waxing, it's time to relax. Give your skin enough time to regenerate - so avoid direct sunlight, exercise, solarium and peelings for 24 hours after waxing and do not use care products containing alcohol after hair removal.  
For care after waxing, we recommend using a cream with natural ingredients - such as shea butter or Aloe vera – to apply. The cream has an immediate calming effect on the irritated areas of the body. But be careful: too much care after waxing is counterproductive! Care products that contain chemical additives or are alcohol-based can have the opposite effect and put additional strain on the skin.

Care after waxing
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Tips for care after waxing: How to pamper your skin

Be patient with yourself: Despite soothing lotions and creams, your skin will still be irritated after waxing, which is completely normal. It is therefore advisable to avoid sport and sexual intercourse for a day. It's best to keep the lace underwear in the closet until your intimate area gets used to the makeover.  

After the treatment, you should protect the open pores well from dirt. A skin-friendly and cooling aloe vera gel is suitable for care after waxing, which relaxes and soothes your irritated skin. To prevent ingrown hairs, we recommend a shower peeling.

Care after waxing
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Once the redness from hair removal has subsided after one or two days, the world looks different. Instead of stubborn hairs, your skin in the bikini area now feels pleasantly smooth - promise!  

To keep it that way and prevent the hair from growing in over the next few days, you can include a peeling on the fourth day after waxing. All you need is a standard loofah sponge that you can use to gently massage the hair-free areas. This means the hair can grow out unhindered and doesn't get caught in the skin.  

Care after waxing
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Care after waxing: conclusion 

Brazilian waxing is just as trendy today as it was in the 1990s. We also have the current bikini models to thank for this, which are tighter than ever. Thanks to our efficient waxing method, you can concentrate on what's really important in summer: relaxing by the sea!

It is important to take proper care after waxing: Be careful not to irritate your skin and avoid tight clothing, lace underwear or intense sunlight for 24 hours afterwards. You should also eliminate alcohol-containing care products and other ingredients that are harsh on your skin from your post-waxing care routine. A gentle peeling is permitted on the fourth day after your waxing appointment.  

Would you rather say goodbye to unwanted hairs completely? The permanent hair removal methods are now limitless. Our Laser hair removal at Sanft & Schön thanks to the most modern diode laser-Technology make your dream come true. By the way: Permanent hair removal is no longer just a woman's job. One Laser hair removal for men also offers numerous advantages – whether for hygienic and aesthetic reasons or for sporting ambitions. 

We will be happy to advise you in detail about ours Brazilian waxing and the normal one Waxing either directly in the cosmetic studio in Berlin Mitte, on the phone or by email. 

We are also happy to offer any facial treatments like this Microneedling, the Aquafacial as well as Microdermabrasion/- and acne-Treatments in Berlin.

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