Skin aging caused by the sun? Avoid long-term consequences with proper care


Skin aging caused by the sun? Avoid long-term consequences with proper care

June 29, 2023

Sunscreen is a must-have on every vacation packing list and is used when temperatures are high and there is a lot of sun to prevent sunburn and protect us from long-term sun damage. Unfortunately, most people are not yet aware that sun protection is important even on cloudy days and all year round to prevent premature skin aging caused by the sun.

Skin aging caused by the sun
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Sunscreen is definitely one of the most important and best anti-aging tips! The realization often only hits us when it is already too late and the first pigment spots and premature wrinkles have formed. We say: stop it! Read on and find out how our skin reacts to the sun, what long-term damage can occur from too much sun and how you can prevent and treat it.  

Sun and skin aging – this is how our skin reacts to the sun

As much as we need the sun to live, excessive UV radiation causes the skin to age faster. UVA rays in particular penetrate into the lower layers of the skin, where they can form free radicals and cause short- or long-term damage. UVB rays don't penetrate as deeply, but cause acute problems such as red, burning skin after sunbathing or even burn blisters - then you need it quickly   first aid for sunburn. This DNA damage can also lead to lasting sun damage to the skin. It is therefore important to have sun protection that protects against both UVA and UVB rays.  

Photoaging – what is it?

Photoaging refers to the process of accelerated skin aging that results from repeated intense exposure to the sun. This causes the skin to lose elasticity and wrinkles appear. The face, shoulders and arms are most often affected by photoaging because they are particularly exposed to sunlight in summer - pigment spots and wrinkled, wrinkled skin, also known colloquially as “leathery skin”, are the result.

Photoaging results from the destruction of elastin and collagen, the essential structural proteins in the skin, by UV radiation. If the body does this Proteins can no longer reproduce in sufficient quantities, the process of premature skin aging begins.

Skin aging caused by the sun: Long-term UV damage that can result

The consequences that can arise from excessive UV rays range from premature skin aging to serious health problems and diseases such as skin cancer. On a cosmetic level, premature skin aging can manifest itself in severe wrinkles, sagging skin or hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation refers to dark spots on the surface of the skin that are caused by a disruption in the skin's pigmentation process. The pigment Melanin, which is responsible for a natural skin color, is overproduced in some areas during hyperpigmentation and dark, stubborn spots appear. 

Your hands, face and décolleté in particular are exposed to rays all year round and are therefore susceptible to hyperpigmentation and premature wrinkles from the sun. For this reason, these areas need special sun protection and an extra dose of care in order to stay looking young and fresh for as long as possible.  

Skin aging caused by the sun
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The right skin care in the summer months

Too much sun exposure is one of the extrinsic factors that cause our skin to age faster. The good thing about it is that we can react to external influences and thereby mitigate the consequences. In contrast, we have little or no influence on intrinsic factors such as our genes, our ethnic origins and hormonal changes during different phases of life.  

Especially in the summer months, we can prevent short- and long-term consequences through proper skin care. But sun protection is not only important in summer. UVA rays are present all year round and penetrate even through clouds and glass panes, which is why you should use selected care products with a sun protection factor even when the sky is overcast.  

Which sunscreen is the right one?

To protect your skin naturally, you should use mineral sunscreen that reflects sunlight onto your skin, meaning your skin doesn't absorb UV radiation in the first place. A mineral sunscreen therefore works physically instead of chemically. In addition, the nourishing additives in high-quality mineral sunscreen help to care for the skin while sunbathing and prevent it from drying out. After sunbathing, a high-quality after sun lotion is recommended, which gently cools and provides the moisture that is so urgently needed. You should also use selected products that contain hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin C and contain other effective ingredients into your care routine.

Tips for using sunscreen

  • When choosing sunscreen, pay attention to your individual skin type, if necessary determine your skin type and prefer mineral sunscreen
  • Apply sunscreen (approx. half an hour) before sun exposure 
  • Apply sunscreen generously, as small amounts can reduce the protective performance
  • Apply the cream several times to maintain the sun protection factor
  • Allow 20-30 minutes of exposure before bathing and reapply after being in the water
  • After sunbathing, use an after sun lotion with nourishing ingredients

When it's actually too late: Treat long-term skin damage

Do you suffer from excessive wrinkles caused by the sun or struggle with pigment spots? Then we have good news for you, because even if the lasting consequences of excessive sun exposure are already visible, you can have them treated and mitigate them in the long term. Among other things, they are suitable Aquafacial, microneedling and microdermabrasion are very good for helping your skin look younger and fresher. 

Aquafacial is a non-invasive treatment in which your skin is cleansed, massaged and supplied with important vitamins and acids. Aquafacial works, among other things, against dry and sagging skin. It can also reduce wrinkles and remove age and pigment spots.  

Microneedling is a natural and gentle way to achieve younger and smoother skin. By stimulating the skin's ability to regenerate, pigmentation disorders, wrinkles and sun-damaged skin can be treated without any medical intervention.  

Microdermabrasion is one of the most effective peeling methods. By sloughing off dead skin cells, your skin can create new cells, resulting in skin rejuvenation and a reduction in wrinkles. Age spots and pigmentation disorders can also be treated with it.  

Sun rays and skin aging: Important tips for additional sun protection

But even though we can treat the long-term effects of UV rays, prevention is better than treatment. For this reason, we have put together our most important tips for protecting you from the sun.

The best way to combat premature skin aging caused by the sun is to avoid excessive exposure to the sun. You can do this by consistently avoiding direct sunlight during midday, wearing a wide-brimmed sun hat and protective clothing and generally preferring shade to direct sun. Of course, a sunscreen with a high UV protection factor is also necessary. After spending time in the water, remember to reapply your sunscreen. It is also worth using day care with UV protection even in cloudy weather.  

Skin aging caused by the sun
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Our sun protection tips at a glance

  • Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, especially at midday
  • No matter what the weather, don't go outside without UV protection
  • Apply cream again after swimming
  • Wear a wide-brimmed sun hat
  • Wear protective clothing
  • Prefer shade over blazing sun

In addition to excessive UV rays, there are other factors that have a positive or negative effect on our skin. Other external factors that cause premature skin aging include smoking, increased alcohol consumption, stress, medication and an unhealthy diet. Thus, by avoiding these lifestyle habits, you can contribute to younger and healthier skin. Vegetables, fruit, nuts and fish, on the other hand, are miracle weapons against premature aging of the skin. You should also make sure to drink enough water and your beautiful skin from the inside to provide moisture. As effective as these methods are, they do not replace adequate sun protection and skin care.  

Skin aging caused by the sun – conclusion & tips

Photoaging is a problem that you may only become aware of when it is actually too late and the first pigment spots or early wrinkles become visible. But if you react quickly and take the right measures, you can counteract it and give your skin new radiance and youthfulness. But it's better to be safe than sorry or follow-up treatment. For this reason, it is important to avoid excessive sun exposure, to protect your skin from the sun as much as possible and to support regeneration. This is best achieved with high-quality mineral sunscreens, which, thanks to their valuable ingredients, moisturize the skin while you are sunbathing.  

With our tips and products you are guaranteed to get through the summer well and prevent premature skin aging caused by the sun!

You have questions about our natural products or our treatments such as aquafacial, microneedling or Microdermabrasion? Then feel free to take it now Contact Join us and find out more! 

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