Microneedling for dark circles under the eyes


Microneedling for dark circles under the eyes – does it really help?

June 1, 2023

If you want to balance work, leisure, hobbies, friends and family, you quickly sacrifice an hour or two of sleep. So it's no wonder when dark shades appear under our eyes. Creams, ointments and cosmetic treatment methods promise relief from dark circles under the eyes. But what really helps to get rid of annoying panda eyes?

Microneedling for dark circles under the eyes
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We know: Microneedling is not just a miracle weapon against pucker and Acne scars, but also puts an end to dark circles and bags under the eyes with the right active ingredients. In this article we will explain to you how exactly this works.

First things first: How do dark circles under the eyes actually arise?

There are basically two types of dark circles under the eyes. Either seem blood vessels due to the very thin skin under the eyes through. The dark circles under the eyes are usually reddish, bluish or shadowy - fair-skinned people are particularly prone to this type of dark circles. Or it is one Hyperpigmentation under the eyes. These tend to be dark brown to grayish and are hereditary. While the first form (the appearance of the blood vessels) can be kept under control with enough sleep, lots of drinking, a balanced diet and avoiding nicotine and alcohol, hyperpigmentation requires sharper guns. Here comes this Microneedling in the game.

Microneedling for dark circles and bags under the eyes

During microneedling, a roller with many tiny needles is passed over the skin. These needles easily penetrate the top layer of skin, creating microscopic injuries. What may sound a bit brutal at first, but has an effect. Because of these small injuries, the facial skin activates its self-healing power. Not only does she look more relaxed, regenerated and fresher afterwards, dark circles under her eyes are also noticeably brightened. The skin also produces collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid - perfect for you Radiant skin and a beautiful glow

Since microneedling involves using sharp needles, you should under no circumstances carry out this treatment method alone, without the help of a dermatologist or beautician. Otherwise serious injuries can occur. We recommend a visit to a professionally trained beauty salon. Let our staff advise you without obligation or arrange an appointment directly in our office Cosmetic studio Berlin.

Microneedling dark circles: This is how the treatment works

In order to effectively and long-term combat dark circles using microneedling, several sessions are usually necessary. At least four sessions – spread over several months – are usually recommended. If dark circles are particularly pronounced, additional treatments or refresher treatments may be necessary.  

  1. Cleaning before treatment 

Before we carry out microneedling, we carefully clean and disinfect your facial skin. This ensures that neither dirt nor bacteria can penetrate the small wounds. Inflammations have no chance! A local anesthetic cream helps against possible pain, especially in thin areas of skin such as under the eyes.  

  1. Microneedling

After cleaning, the actual treatment begins. A so-called needling roller, also known as a derma roller, is guided over your face with a little pressure so that the fine needles gently perforate the stratum corneum of your skin and deeper layers of skin. The roller is pulled over the skin in different directions to achieve the best possible result.  

In our studio Microneedling Berlin A radio frequency pulse is also triggered. We adapt how deeply the needles penetrate your skin and how strong the radio frequency current works to you and your needs.  

Microneedling for dark circles under the eyes
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  1. Care afterwards

After the treatment, your skin will be slightly red. This is not a sign of improper treatment, but the expected result. We then provide your face with rich moisturizers. Make sure that your skin is not put under too much strain in the coming hours; treat it to rest and care.  

You can of course help your skin with its self-healing process. Use a sustainable moisturizer, anti-aging serum, or jasmine ointment. Make sure that your care and cleaning products are gentle on the skin and, ideally, the Vitamins A and C included. In the days after the treatment you need a high level of sun protection, even in winter. However, your sunscreen should be skin-friendly and not irritate your skin.  

By the way, you will notice the result straight away: after the treatment, your skin not only feels more vital, but also firmer and more hydrated - dark circles under the eyes are noticeably brightened and Large pores reduced

Microneedling for dark circles under the eyes
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How painful is microneedling for dark circles?

Depending on your personal level of pain, the treatment may be perceived as slightly painful. The actual pain also depends on the needle rollers used. The longer the needles, the more uncomfortable the treatment feels. However, many people report only a slight burning or tingling sensation. Since only the top layer of skin is injured by the needles, in which there are no nerves, microneedling is generally not expected to cause severe pain.  

Does microneedling have dangerous side effects?

When microneedling is performed by professional personnel, there are no dangerous side effects. Since the tissue around the eyes is very sensitive, the skin can easily be injured if handled improperly. For this reason, independent treatments are strongly discouraged.

As already mentioned, after a microneedling treatment, the skin is red and irritated. Mild swelling may occur as well as flaky and dry skin. However, these skin reactions are harmless and are part of the regeneration phase.

Conclusion: Is microneedling actually effective against dark circles?

Treatment with needling rollers has been proven to stimulate the self-healing process of the tissue around the eyes. This makes the skin renewed and less permeable. Dark circles are visibly reduced after microneedling. Microneedling has other advantages:

  • The lymph flow is stimulated, which prevents water retention. Fewer bags under the eyes also have a visual effect on the appearance of the eye area.
  • Wrinkles around the eyes disappear, making the eyes appear livelier, brighter and fresher - also essential for facial care over 40 .
  • Microneedling stimulates blood circulation in the skin and supplies it with oxygen and nutrients. Bye bye, tired dark circles! Welcome, amazing skincare routine .

Microneedling for dark circles under the eyes
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In short: Microneedling against dark circles works! The needles and active ingredients used penetrate deep into the skin layer and effectively combat dark shadows. Used regularly, the whitening effect lasts long-term.

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