Skin care for men


Skin care for men: 10 glow-up tips for real guys

September 15, 2022

Men have nothing to do with cosmetics and care? A little fresh air is enough to revitalize your complexion? And sunscreen is only for delicate women's skin anyway? This thinking has long been a thing of the past, because dry, unkempt and leathery skin is not only immediately noticed by the person you are talking to, but also makes you appear less attractive and likeable.

Skin care for men
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However, there are still a lot of prejudices when it comes to skin care for men. We say: Taking care of yourself as a man is not vain - but a sign of self-respect. Especially today, when musicians like Harry Styles consciously experiment with gender boundaries and make-up, no man has to be ashamed of investing in his very own glow-up. Skin care for men is one of the Beauty trends 2022

But how should men’s skin ideally be cared for? In this article we have collected simple, yet effective tips to make your skin really shine.

#1: Cleanse your face before bed

When it gets late in the evening or our head is full of thoughts, it is not uncommon for us to forget to prepare our skin for bed. Above all, this includes: cleansing the face. So basic, so effective.

If you don't clean your face, dirt can build up. These in turn cause clogged pores, which lead to all kinds of breakouts. In fact, not washing at night is one of the main causes acne. And that's exactly why cleaning your face from the dirt of big city life is now an important first step towards a glow-up.  

It is also important that you have your Skin types know. Instead of only using products designed specifically for men, consider effectiveness rather than masculine packaging when making your selection. Many men immediately think of products with strong, masculine formulas - but stop! Harsh products can cause an imbalance in your skin's oil levels.

To clean your face, it is better to use natural-based soaps and products with organic ingredients such as Aloe vera, honey, avocado or goat's milk soaps.

#2: Skin care for men in the morning

Clean your face again after getting up, even though you did your facial care in the evening? We say yes! The fact is that men's skin produces up to four times more sebum than women's skin - and not just during the day, but also at night while you sleep.

Of course, an average amount of sebum is healthy, but excess can lead to environmental dirt being deposited directly on your face.

That's why washing your face in the morning together with cleansing your face in the evening is the be-all and end-all for a natural glow-up. When washing, it's best to use gentle soaps and facial cleansers that maintain the pH value of your skin.

#3: Beautiful eyebrows make all the difference

Hair is male – yes. But men can and should draw a line when it comes to eyebrows. Monobrow and untamed growth above the eyes have been out for a long time. Men can also shape their brows with tweezers, scissors and brow combs before going to important business events and fancy dates.

Our Sanft & Schön tip: We at Sanft & Schön advise our customers to have their eyebrows plucked about a day before an important event to avoid unnecessary redness. On the day of the event itself, a brow gel is used to give them a beautiful, festive shape. Eyebrow waxing By the way, it is the most effective method for removing annoying hairs.

Skin care for men
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#4: Scrubs as skin care for men

A peeling helps you specifically remove deep-seated dirt and bacteria that have settled in your pores. Using brushes or a soft cloth, you can gently rub away any debris or dead skin cells from your skin. Be particularly careful by making circular movements, which also improves blood circulation in your face.  

With regular exfoliation - this is what peeling is called in technical language - your skin becomes more even, smoother, softer and cleaner. Also shrink large pores with the help of regular peelings. Do you have problems with flaky skin? If dead skin cells are difficult to remove on their own, peeling is the right way to achieve more beautiful skin.

It is important to note that you should not exfoliate more than three times a week, otherwise your skin can be damaged.

#5: Use a primer

They are considered absolute beauty miracle cures that were previously only used by top make-up artists before they found their way into perfumeries and drugstores in recent years. No wonder: Primers don't just make stars' skin soft, smooth and fresh.

Are you wondering what exactly a primer is? Essentially, a primer is a makeup primer that retouches skin imperfections, fills in wrinkles, and minimizes pores. Yes, in theory it also makes the make-up more durable - but you don't have to go that far. Primers are usually colorless, their light texture with mineral powder and silicones lies like an invisible layer on your skin and gives you the opportunity to cover up small blemishes.

Anything else you need to know? Maybe that primers don't absorb into the skin. So they are not classic care products, but form a fine film on your skin upon contact. Some primers also reduce redness.

#6: Skin care for men moisturizes 

Most men avoid moisturizers because they think it will make their skin oilier. Unfortunately, this misconception persists. There is hardly anything more important for your skin than appropriate moisturizing care.

If your skin lacks moisture and lipids, the skin's natural protective barrier is weakened. The result? Redness, flaking, itching or feelings of tension occur.

Moisturizing care, in turn, strengthens the skin's protective barrier and keeps it in balance in the long term. It is essentially based on a mixture of water and oil, with the ratio of these two components and the addition of other ingredients varying depending on the product.

If you don't suffer from dry skin, you can opt for a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer that absorbs quickly.

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#7: Sunscreen is the most important skin care product for men 

Too white, too difficult, too sticky: There are many seemingly good reasons not to use sunscreen. But one that absolutely speaks for it: its protection against premature skin aging and skin cancer.

Regardless of whether it is rainy, cloudy or sunny outside, and regardless of whether you spend most of your time indoors, UV rays have a harmful effect on your skin 365 days a year. By using a day cream every day with an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 30, which blocks 97 percent of the sun's UVB rays, you protect your skin - and make it look younger in the long term. You also prevent diseases such as eczema and melanoma.

This is how you regenerate stressed summer skin.

#8: Skin Care for Men: Stay hydrated, OK?

Drinking plenty of water is perhaps the most natural skin care measure.

The best thing about it is that you're not only doing your skin a favor, but you're also helping your body become healthier overall. Water ensures that your metabolic processes are optimally activated. This means that more nutrients can be transported into your cells and as a result you have more energy and improved performance. So you kill two birds with one stone.

Here's how it works: It's best to drink eight to ten glasses or three liters of water a day to be on the safe side.

#9: Skin care for men means making sure you get enough sleep

Beauty sleep as a concept is not exclusive to princesses. Because it is proven to be for all Recommended for genders.

Ideally, you should get eight hours of undisturbed sleep so that your skin – and your body – can recover. Otherwise, lack of sleep will lead to puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes. Worse still, insomnia can increase your skin's oil production and thereby acne cause.

So if you want to wake up with good skin in the future, you should definitely work on your sleep routines.

 Men skin care
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#10: Learn what suits you

A hairstyle that suits your face shape can make a big difference in how you look. For example, a square face suits most short to medium length haircuts and can be combined with a variety of beard hairstyles.

It's best to talk to your hairdresser about how you can conceal a high forehead, a soft jawline or a small chin. No matter which combination of hairstyle and beard style you ultimately choose: The most important thing is that you care for your hair, change your razor blade, invest in high-quality shaving cream and pay attention to your overall appearance.

Conclusion: Skin care for men is a long-term investment

Investing in skincare and worrying about the right moisturizer consistency may seem strange to you at first - but trust us: after your glow-up, you'll soon be shaking your head as you think back to the days when you didn't even use it managed to take five minutes for yourself.

Because basically, skin care for men is exactly that: self-care, time for yourself, respect for your own body, which is reflected in a more vital, firmer and simply more beautiful appearance.

We at Sanft & Schön We will be happy to advise you on your individual glow-up and introduce you to skin care for men. 

Among other things, we offer hair removal methods like this Waxing or the Laser hair removal as well as any facial treatments such as Microneedling, Aquafacial as well as Microdermabrasion/- and Acne treatments in Berlin at.

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