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Shrink large pores: 10 effective tips for your face

May 2, 2022

Oh scary! Have you noticed enlarged pores on your face when you look in the mirror in the morning? The good news first: Everyone has visible pores - some more, others less. However, if pores become unsightly, the suffering begins for many people.

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No reason to worry: In this article, we explain why your skin depends on pores, give you ten helpful tips to combat large pores at home and reveal how a professional facial treatment in Berlin can support your skin care routine. 

Pores – what are they anyway? 

The word 'pore' comes from the Greek term porous and means something like 'opening', 'passage' or 'way'. The pore already has its meaning in today's sense in the old Latin medical language: pori (Pores) referred to 'small skin openings' or 'sweat holes'. The approximately 300,000 pores in your skin are very small openings that are created by ducts from sebaceous and sweat glands or hair roots.  

They have important tasks: Pores excrete sebum, transport pollutants out of the body and thus support the self-cleaning function of your skin. tallow (lat. Sebum) is not a negative waste product, but rather the body's own protection and care program: It covers the skin with a greasy acid protective layer, which, thanks to its pH value, protects you from germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi and environmental influences and ensures sufficient skin moisture. In addition, pores regulate the temperature of your body through sweat - a vital function. In addition, the tiny openings play an important role in the skin's metabolism: both the supply of oxygen and the absorption of care products take place via pores.

That's why it's important to care for your pores and keep them clean so that sweat and sebum can be excreted smoothly - and unsightly blackheads don't form. By the way, pores can neither open nor close. Warm water makes facial cleansing easier by softening your skin and making it easier to remove impurities. But the changed skin surface has no influence on the pore size.  

This creates enlarged pores 

Of course, your pores won't enlarge overnight. It is a gradual process that can be traced back to various causes. Genetics are the main deciding factor in the appearance of your skin. Take a look around your circle of friends: the skin of your loved ones is as individual as their character traits. Some people tend to have oily skin with larger pores, while others have dry, cracked skin. This basal skin structure is hereditary - the right care is therefore based on your individual skin type.

The same goes for the size of your pores. This is also hereditary and depends on the body's own sebum production. Basically they are Skin types 'Combination skin' and 'oily skin' are always associated with enlarged pores, as they increase in number Sebum secrete. Determine your skin type in this article.

If your sebaceous glands produce too much sebum and it mixes with (dirt) particles such as dead skin cells, your pores become clogged. As a result, the sebum cannot drain away as usual, it builds up and dark blackheads appear, which expand the pores. Visually you perceive this as an enlargement. If the impurities are not treated in a timely manner, this can result in permanently enlarged pores on the face because: Your skin loses its elasticity due to the normal aging process and environmental influences. A lack of elasticity then ensures that enlarged pores no longer shrink.

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Also follicular filaments (Sebaceous filaments) can be responsible for (visually) enlarged pores on the face. Follicular filaments are hair-like structures formed by deposits of Sebum and scales arise and channel the flow of sebum within the pores. In contrast to blackheads, they do not clog the pores, but are actually an essential part of the skin cycle. If the sebum comes into contact with oxygen, it oxidizes and turns dark. The pores are much more noticeable and appear visually enlarged. If you also try to squeeze out the follicle filaments, the pores become inflamed and actually enlarge due to pimple formation. Effective UV filters and antioxidants help Sebaceous filaments to prevent. By the way: After cleaning, the follicle filaments automatically fill up again after about 30 days - so you have to work constantly here.

Hormonal fluctuations caused by pregnancy, menopause or taking birth control pills can also cause changes in sebum production and enlarged pores. An unhealthy lifestyle also contributes to contamination and clogging of pores: lack of sleep, lack of UV protection as well as tobacco and alcohol consumption are pure poison for the skin. Rule No. 1 for treating enlarged pores on the face: Eat your greens (= pay attention to a healthy diet), live healthily and protect your skin with sunscreen (every day!).

Ten valuable tips against large pores: How to refine your skin's appearance

Enlarged pores are primarily a cosmetic problem. Fortunately, if they bother you, you can treat them well. But which remedies actually help against enlarged pores? We have collected ten helpful tips and tricks for you that you can use to shrink large pores at home.

1. Reduce large pores: mask made from healing clay

'Clay Masks' - masks based on healing or clay - are particularly suitable for treating large pores. They absorb excess sebum and thus prevent the formation of unpleasant blackheads or pimples. By the way, some of the healing clay masks have an astringent (firming) effect, so that the skin - including the pores - contracts for some time after use. This refines the complexion and pores and gives your face a more even appearance.

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2. Pore strips for enlarged pores

The name says it all: Peel-off products such as pore strips ensure that your enlarged pores are properly cleaned out. The small strips are glued precisely to the affected part of your face. Leave it on according to the product instructions and then peel it off. Although the adhesive strips are primarily intended to work against blackheads, they mainly remove follicular filaments, i.e. oxidized and excess sebum, for around 30 days. Compared to the clay mask, however, pore strips are significantly more aggressive: on sensitive skin, they can cause irritation and redness - and in the worst case, unbalance the skin barrier as they also remove dead skin cells. By the way have permanent hair removal methods like waxing has a similar effect - so you kill two birds with one stone.

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3. Refine pores: Pay attention to good sun protection!

The absolute basic of every skincare routine: UV protection! This is important not only during your next beach vacation, but every day: UV radiation exists always and everywhere, even when the sun is not shining. In addition to irreparable skin damage, direct sunlight also causes enlarged pores: it briefly expands the exits of the sebaceous glands, which visually expands them. In the long term, UV radiation damages elastin and collagen fibers, leading to premature skin aging and sagging. So the motto is: cream, cream, cream! More about stressed summer skin in this article.

4. Reduce large pores: Use the right active ingredients

Do you want to treat large pores? Then the right skin care is the be-all and end-all. It is important that you know the most common active ingredients and use them specifically. This way you can achieve an optimal care routine that will (visually) shrink your pores. Here you can find skincare highlightsthat you should incorporate into your care routine. Attention: Don't expect a miracle cure from promising creams and serums: Good active ingredients can reduce your pores to their original size - but they won't disappear.  

Proven agents for refining pores are active ingredients such as niacinamide, retinol and hyaluronic acid. Serums with these ingredients have been proven to improve the elasticity of your skin and provide it with sufficient moisture, which prevents overproduction of sebum. Our tip for combating large pores is also BHA: Salicylic acid peels are lipophilic - meaning they dissolve fat. BHA penetrates deep into the pores, frees them of accumulated sebum and dirt and thus regulates sebum production.  

Witch hazel water, a distillate from witch hazel, is also an insider tip in the fight against unpleasant enlarged pores. Its anti-inflammatory effect targets excess sebum and pimples, reducing pore size and immediately making your skin more even. Also zinc- and tea tree oil cosmetics can refine large pores.

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5. Enlarged pores: optical retouching through make-up etc.

Our SOS tip against enlarged pores: If things have to happen quickly, you can specifically retouch or 'make up' large pores with the right make-up. 

A good primer ensures an even appearance by filling the pores, so to speak. When buying, make sure that your primer does not contain silicones: this ingredient is not breathable, clogs your pores and thus worsens your actual problem. After the base, you can apply a BB cream or foundation, which will make your skin even more even. Important: Don’t forget to cleanse your skin thoroughly in the evening!   

6. Enlarged pores on the face: Don't forget to remove make-up!

Of course, if you forget to take off your make-up, it won't be a problem. However, not regularly removing your make-up can lead to disruptions in skin regeneration. Why? Your skin is particularly active while you sleep and forms new cells. Residues from environmental influences and make-up can hinder or slow down this process. Old make-up also blocks the flow of sebum, which in turn contributes to clogged – and therefore enlarged – pores.

Don't you use makeup? Even then, detailed facial care should be part of your evening routine. Similar to forgotten make-up, dust particles and dead skin cells have an impact on sebum production and can have a negative impact on nighttime regeneration. Cleanse the skin with a gentle cleansing gel - ideally with salicylic acid - that gently removes excess skin cells and sebum. Then apply a serum with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid and care for your face with a retinol cream.  

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7. Reduce large pores: steam bath cleaning

Dark blackheads make your large pores particularly noticeable. With a steam bath you can gently counteract them and at the same time refine enlarged pores. The warm steam opens your pores so that impurities and sebum can dissolve and drain away.  

This is how it works: Pour about a liter of steaming water onto a handful of chamomile flowers in a bowl. As with inhalation, hold your face over the steam for ten to fifteen minutes, your head covered with a cloth. Breathe in and out in a relaxed manner and enjoy the pleasant warmth that lies on your skin. Then wash your face lukewarm with a mild cleansing gel.

8. Cucumber mask for enlarged pores

A popular home remedy for shrinking large pores is the cucumber mask: It has a cooling, cleansing and firming effect - ideal for oily and large-pored skin. To do this, cut a cucumber into slices and place them on your freshly cleansed face. Don't spare your eyes. After 20 to 30 minutes, the cucumber slices develop their full effect.  

Alternatively, you can just use cucumber juice: Squeeze the cucumber slices using a sieve and spread the juice on your face with a cotton pad. Twenty minutes later, you should wash it off again with cool water.

 shrink large pores
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9. Treat large pores with apple cider vinegar

Naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar is another proven home remedy for shrinking pores. This is said to not only kill bacteria, but also have an anti-inflammatory effect. Be careful not to apply the vinegar in too concentrated a way, otherwise it can easily cause skin irritation. Mix the apple cider vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:3 and wet your problem areas with a cotton ball. After allowing it to act for twenty minutes, the water-vinegar mixture should be washed off with cool water.

10. Shrink large pores: baking soda scrub

You read that right: First aid for large pores is on your baking ingredients! When used correctly, the small baking soda grains work as an effective peeling: they remove dead skin cells, environmental dirt and excess sebum, so that the pores are thoroughly cleaned. Two tablespoons of water and two tablespoons of baking soda create just the right ratio for a light paste that you can apply to your face. After massaging thoroughly, simply wash off and apply facial care!

Professional facial treatment for enlarged pores at Sanft & Schön in Berlin

Of course, the best way to achieve effective and lasting results is with a professional Facial treatment in our cosmetic studio Sanft & Schön in Berlin. We offer you effective pore reduction Microneedling, aquafacial treatment and microdermabrasion. These are proven and very effective treatments that cleanse your skin, moisturize it and stimulate collagen production.

Reduce large pores thanks to microneedling

Microneedling refers to a cosmetic procedure in which the finest needles glide over the surface of the skin. This creates the smallest perforations that promote blood circulation in the skin and stimulate the formation of elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen. The treatment also stimulates cell regeneration. In this way, enlarged pores are sustainably refined.

Shrink large pores with an aquafacial

The Aquafacial is a treatment method that consists of several individual steps: Old skin cells are carefully removed using a minimally invasive method. An AHA solution is then added to your skin, which softens deposits in your pores and prepares it for deep cleansing. Thanks to the vacuum effect, sebum deposits, blackheads and dirt are removed from the pores. In the last step, your skin is supplied with moisturizing active ingredients. The result: smaller pores and a radiant complexion. Visit us for one Aquafacial treatment in Berlin Mitte.

Microdermabrasion: Enlarged pores, goodbye! 

The Microdermabrasion originally comes from surgery and was developed to remove scar tissue. It can be used wonderfully to effectively refine the complexion and reduce pores to their original size. Using a polishing device with a diamond attachment, we gently remove the top layer of skin so that dead cells are specifically removed. This all happens completely painlessly and leaves you feeling fresh, radiant skin without large pores. See one for yourself Microdermabrasion treatment in Berlin Mitte.

Do you want to permanently declare war on large pores? Convince yourself of our services and book your appointment today. We will be happy to advise you in detail and look forward to your visit!

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