Beautiful skin from the inside: This is how the right diet influences the appearance of your skin


Beautiful skin from the inside: This is how the right diet influences the appearance of your skin

May 16, 2022

A balanced diet is the be-all and end-all of any healthy lifestyle - it's not for nothing that they say “you are what you eat”. But did you know that what you eat also affects the appearance of your skin?  

Beautiful skin from the inside: This is how the right diet influences the appearance of your skin
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At almost two square meters, the skin is our largest organ and not only reacts sensitively to external influences such as UV radiation, dry air, temperature fluctuations or environmental and weather influences, but also to an unbalanced diet. Who radiant skin Therefore, you should not only rely on creams, serums or peelings, but should also practice skin care from the inside. The basis is a healthy, nutrient-rich diet - and that's easier than it might sound at first!

In our article we will tell you why beautiful skin comes from within, why proper nutrition is so important and what is important. We will also give you tips on which foods provide particularly essential nutrients and which factors you should definitely avoid when it comes to your internal skin care.

Beautiful skin from the inside - effects of an unbalanced diet

We all dream of healthy skin and a radiant complexion. We leave almost no stone unturned: regular visits to the cosmetic studio, exquisite lotions with expensive ingredients or face masks with more or less effectiveness. But without the right diet, plump, youthful skin remains a pipe dream. If your skin lacks essential nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and important antioxidants, this becomes noticeable in different ways:

  • Your skin looks tired and loses its elasticity. 
  • Your complexion appears pale, dull and lackluster. 
  • Your skin reacts more quickly to external influences, e.g. E.g. due to sun, dry air, temperature fluctuations or care products.
  • acne increasingly form .
  • Your skin itches, is visibly irritated or dry and tends to become red or irritated.
  • Premature signs of skin aging appear in the form of wrinkles. 

Skin care from the inside: drink your skin beautifully!

Our body consists of 80 percent water - if we drink too little, this can be seen directly on the skin: the tissue receives less blood supply, dries out and thus loses elasticity. Water is not just a solvent for Vitamins, it also helps transport nutrients throughout the body. A balanced water balance also forms the basis for smooth skin metabolism by ensuring optimal blood circulation. Sufficient fluids are therefore particularly important for a fresh complexion and beautiful skin from the inside. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends that a healthy adult drink around 1.5 to 2 liters of water (or unsweetened tea) throughout the day.

It's best to drink a glass of water immediately after getting up: During this process, your body produces heat, which gives you more energy to start the day and also boosts your metabolism. But not only water, green tea or kefir are also true beauty elixirs for the skin. While the sour milk drink ensures clear skin by having a nourishing, moisturizing and calming effect, green tea stimulates the metabolism and supports detoxification of the body.  

Beautiful skin from the inside: Drink lots of water
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Our Sanft & Schön tip: Do you find it difficult to drink enough water? Then simply spice up your mineral water with fresh fruits such as raspberries or lemons. Cucumber, fresh mint or ginger also release their aroma into the water. This is not only healthy and provides additional vitamins, but also helps you enjoy drinking water more.

The 5 golden food rules for beautiful skin from the inside

Important nutrients can be absorbed through food that support the natural function of your skin and make it more resistant to external influences. Care products You can't make your skin shine on your own - this requires the right diet. We have five golden rules for you that you should definitely take into account when it comes to nutrition:  

1. Egg white 

Healthy skin needs Proteinsto build and strengthen connective tissue and provide more elasticity. So make sure you eat a diet rich in protein. By the way: Foods that contain a lot of protein do not necessarily have to be of animal origin, such as fish or lean meat: vegetarians or vegans can get enough protein from soy, various legumes and nuts.

Beautiful skin from the inside: protein
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2. Alkaline foods

If your organism becomes too acidic, wrinkles, skin blemishes and irritations occur. Therefore, prioritize foods that your body metabolizes into bases, such as pineapples, grapes, raw tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, herbs, sprouts or macadamia nuts.   

3. Iron

If there is an iron deficiency in the body, this leads to pale skin and skin diseases because cells and organs are not adequately supplied with oxygen. Enough iron So it helps you have beautiful skin from the inside and makes your complexion shine. Optimal sources of iron include oatmeal, sesame, linseed, quinoa, pistachios, pumpkin seeds and legumes.

4. Fruits and vegetables

The DGE recommends five portions of fruit and vegetables per day: The vitamin bombs provide your body with numerous minerals, trace elements and fiber, which has a positive effect on your natural skin metabolism. But be careful: Make sure to only enjoy the sweet fruits in moderation, because in addition to numerous vitamins, they also contain large amounts of fructose.  

Beautiful skin from the inside: fruits and vegetables
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5. Natural foods

Freshly prepared food contains all the important nutrients that are important for healthy skin. So try to eat as unprocessed foods as possible and avoid industrially processed foods.

In the fight against free radicals: antioxidants for beautiful skin

When it comes to skin care from within, antioxidants are an essential component for a radiant complexion. Antioxidants are a group of vitamins and minerals that are found in many foods or care products and help protect your body from free radicals. So-called 'free radicals' are intermediate products that arise during various metabolic processes involving oxygen and, in large quantities, can put a strain on our health. In addition, harmful external influences such as cigarette smoke, air pollution or UV radiation trigger their development.  

Our skin is permanently exposed to free radicals - with serious consequences: They accelerate the process of skin aging and promote skin inflammation and irritation. Antioxidants are saviors in times of need. They are formed in the body but can also be supplied externally through food.  

Antioxidants for beautiful skin from within
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In our overview we will tell you which foods with antioxidants should end up on your plate for beautiful skin from the inside: 

  • Vitamin C : Vitamin C is the best-known antioxidant and acts on free radicals in the watery areas of the skin. It is responsible for building collagen fibers, thereby tightening the skin and reducing wrinkles. In addition, vitamin C helps shrink large pores and reduce skin imperfections. Foods that contain a high concentration of this helpful vitamin include berries, citrus fruits, kiwis, peppers, fennel, broccoli, parsley, sea buckthorn, Brussels sprouts, lamb's lettuce, peas and ginger.
  • Vitamin E : The antioxidant effect of vitamin E protects the membranes of skin cells and supports the skin in cell renewal.
    It also provides natural protection against harmful UV radiation and increases your skin's resistance. Vitamin E therefore contributes to maintaining your skin's natural barrier function and thus to a healthy complexion. Avocados, peppers, black currants, walnuts, hazelnuts and vegetable oils such as rapeseed, sunflower or olive oil provide you with plenty of the powerful antioxidant.
  • Beta-carotene : Beta-carotene is a precursor to vitamin A. It is not only good for your eyesight, but also supports the repair and formation of skin tissue and serves as a natural sun protection from the inside. Thanks to its antioxidant effect, provitamin A promotes cell protection and ensures that new, young skin cells grow back and the aging process of the skin is slowed down. Good sources of beta-carotene include carrots, almonds, pecans and tomatoes.
  • Zinc : The trace element zinc has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, which stimulates wound healing. If you suffer from dry, flaky skin, acne or pimple marks, this is often a sign of zinc deficiency. In this case, you should choose foods that contain a high concentration of the trace element. These include, for example, nuts, shellfish, grains such as wheat bran or oat flakes and legumes.
beautiful skin from the inside: vitamin C
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The right skin care from the inside: Don'ts when it comes to nutrition

Now that you know which foods are essential for beautiful skin from the inside, let's focus on the factors that negatively influence your skin's appearance. These include, for example, excessive alcohol consumption, nicotine, stress and lack of sleep, which not only damage your general health, but also your skin's appearance and leave visible traces: Alcohol removes moisture from your skin and makes your complexion look unhealthy - tobacco promotes the formation of wrinkles and hinders optimal moisture production your skin. Too much stress also accelerates skin aging. 10 helpful anti-aging tips you can find in this article.

So if you want glowing skin, you should avoid this lifestyle as much as possible. Treat yourself to rest and relaxation to free your cells of negative messenger substances and promote regeneration. We recommend a structured daily routine and timely planning to prevent stress at an early stage.  

But there are also a few things to take into account when it comes to nutrition: Just as they can have a positive effect on the appearance of your skin, some foods have a negative effect on beautiful skin from the inside. We have put together four don'ts when it comes to nutrition for you:  

1. High sugar foods 

As delicious as it tastes, eating too much sugar has a negative effect on your body's hormone levels. Since, among other things, it influences the activity of the sebaceous glands, too much sugar leads to increased sebum formation in the long term and thus to the development of skin blemishes. The sweet temptation also promotes inflammation in the body's cells and skin problems.

2. Saturated fatty acids

Foods rich in so-called 'bad' fats attack cells and lead to the development of pimples and acne. Saturated fatty acids are often found in heavily processed foods or ready-made products. It is therefore important to prefer unsaturated fatty acids to saturated fatty acids. 'Good' fats, such as those found primarily in nuts and many types of fish, contain important vitamins that slow down skin aging and improve the complexion's appearance.

3. Foods with high glycemic index

These are foods that cause your blood sugar to rise sharply. The body's high release of insulin in response to the rapid increase in blood sugar levels stimulates the growth of the sebaceous glands, which clogs the pores and results in pimples, acne and blackheads. Sweets or sugar in all variations - from white flour products such as bread and sodas to white rice or crackers - should therefore be replaced with whole grain products, brown rice or fruit and vegetables. Omega-3 fatty acids in particular support the skin optimally by protecting it from drying out and strengthening the connective tissue.

4. Spicy foods

If you season your food too strongly, it may lead to increased water retention in the tissue. Dark circles and swollen eyelids can result.

Beautiful skin from the inside: The right skin care from the inside: Don'ts when it comes to nutrition
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Your checklist for beautiful skin from the inside

The following points will help you with your skin care from the inside: 

  • Provide your body with enough fluids (water or unsweetened tea).
  • Make sure to include lots of foods high in antioxidants in your diet. The main saviors in the fight against free radicals are vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-carotene.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Choose foods with unsaturated instead of saturated fatty acids.
  • Avoid stress and excessive alcohol and nicotine consumption and give your body enough sleep.
  • Reduce spicy, processed and sugary foods.
  • Swap wheat products for whole grains.
  • Stay away from foods with high glycemic index.
  • Your iron, zinc and protein levels should always be covered.  
Beautiful skin from within checklist
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Beautiful skin comes from within! 

True beauty – and glowing skin – comes from within. Your lifestyle and eating habits play a significant role and can have a positive or negative impact on your skin. A lack of nutrients is usually first noticeable in your skin, while a balanced diet supplies your skin with important vitamins and minerals and makes it shine. 'Right nutrition' does not mean strict abstinence, but rather a healthy balance.  

If you follow our tips for beautiful skin from the inside, give negative habits the cold shoulder and incorporate sensible foods into your diet, you are guaranteed to soon notice a change in the appearance of your skin. We also recommend regular, professional facial treatments, for example Aquafacial, Microdermabrasion or Microneedling in Berlin Mitte, which support the natural functions of your skin, regulate the skin renewal process and thus ensure a radiant complexion. 

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