Ruby laser

The ruby ​​laser, which operates at a wavelength of 694 nanometers (nm), is one of the first types of lasers used for laser hair removal. This type of laser uses ruby ​​crystals as a medium to produce light. Due to its specific wavelength, the ruby ​​laser is particularly effective at targeting Melanin, the dark dye in hair and skin, making it a good choice for removing dark hair on light skin.


The ruby ​​laser targets the melanin in the hair follicles. The light energy absorbed by the hair is converted into heat, which then... Hair follicles damages and thus inhibits or delays future hair growth. Because this laser has a high affinity for melanin, it is particularly effective on people with light skin and dark hair. Treatment with a ruby ​​laser is less effective for dark skin or lighter hair colors, as in these cases the melanin cannot absorb as effectively.

Areas of application

The ruby ​​laser was originally used for hair removal, but it is also used to remove tattoos, especially blue and black colors, and for certain pigmentation disorders.


  • Effective on dark hair and light skin : Due to its wavelength and high affinity for melanin, the ruby ​​laser is particularly effective at removing dark hair on light skin.
  • Long-term results : Like other hair removal lasers, the ruby ​​laser can also produce long-term results.

Disadvantages and limitations

  • Less suitable for dark skin : Dark skin is at higher risk of pigment changes as the laser can also attack the melanin in the skin itself.
  • Sensation of pain : Some people find the ruby ​​laser treatment more painful compared to other lasers.
  • Multiple sessions required : Multiple treatment sessions are usually necessary for effective hair removal.
  • Risk of side effects : As with any laser treatment, there are risks such as skin irritation, redness, swelling and, in rare cases, pigment changes or scarring.

Due to advances in laser technology and the development of newer lasers that are better for a wider range of skin and Hair types are suitable, the ruby ​​laser is now used less frequently for hair removal. Instead, come frequently diode laser, alexandrite laser and Nd:YAG laser are used that are more flexible to use and offer a lower risk of side effects, especially darker ones Skin types.

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