Caring for combination skin: The right routine for clear skin


Caring for combination skin: The right routine for clear skin

February 16, 2023

Do you have blackheads on your nose, your forehead is always oily, but your cheeks are constantly tense from dryness? A classic moisturizer works against tightness, but only makes the oily areas of your face worse? Then you probably have combination skin that requires special care and cannot cope with conventional products.

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What is combination skin?

Combination skin describes the skin type that produces increased oil in the T-zone - i.e. on the forehead, nose and chin. This is because sebum production is particularly increased here and blackheads, pimples and skin blemishes can occur more easily. The cheeks and eye areas, on the other hand, have to make do with reduced sebaceous gland function and are therefore usually cracked and dry. This can be due to your biological makeup, your hormonal balance or because you use skincare products that are not suitable for your skin.  

The sensitive facial skin can be severely irritated by creams and shower gels that are too aggressive. The area around the cheeks loses moisture in the deep layers of the skin. The result is a persistently greasy T-zone and flaky cheeks, which tend to age faster. So what can you do about it?

Caring for combination skin: The right routine is essential

Around 20 percent of all women worldwide have combination skin. This is why most products designed for the general public are unsuitable for women with combination skin. To achieve the perfect balance between oily and dry areas of the face, there are a few things to consider when caring for your face.  

Care for combination skin
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1. Caring for combination skin starts with cleansing

On the one hand, daily cleansing of the facial skin plays an important role. Mild cleansing lotions or cleansing milk remove sweat and at the same time moisturize dry areas. Such lotions are best used both morning and evening to get rid of impurities caused by car exhaust, fine dust, diesel soot and acid rain and to prevent the sweat produced overnight from clogging pores and forming impurities.

2. The right toners & creams are crucial

Mild, oil-free toners and creams that both have a mattifying effect and moisturize are ideal for combination skin. They bring both skin zones into balance without neglecting one or the other. The cracked areas receive the moisture they need while sebum production in the T-zone is inhibited. You should also make sure that the toners and creams are non-comedogenic. This means that the pores do not become clogged because of the extra layer on the skin.

3. Sun protection is the be-all and end-all

When exposed to increased sun exposure, it is recommended to apply sufficient sunscreen – combination skin or not. UV radiation removes moisture from the skin and causes the skin to feel tight and itchy. To compensate for the lack of moisture, the facial skin produces excessive sebum, which is suboptimal, especially for the T-zone. The result: impure skin. But not every sunscreen is suitable for people with combination skin. You should make sure that your sunscreen is oil-free and non-comedogenic. Creams that have a sebum-regulating and therefore mattifying effect are ideal for the complexion.

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4. Care for combination skin through a healthy diet

It's no longer a secret that nutrition has a significant influence on our quality of life and the appearance of our skin. The body converts excess carbohydrates into sugar, which settles in the body's cells and causes inflammation. Commercial sugar and salt also have a negative effect on the appearance of the skin and make it age faster. A balanced and healthy diet makes a significant contribution radiant skin at.

Care for combination skin
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5. Face masks & peelings help with care

Face masks and scrubs are a fantastic addition to your daily skin cleansing routine. Sebum-absorbing and pore-refining masks ideally care for combination skin without stripping it of moisture. When it comes to peelings, you should make sure that you use BHA products (chemical peels) if possible. These are best suited for acne, impurities and for people with combination skin. You can apply peelings and facial masks once or twice a week to keep your skin balanced and even. In addition, they gently remove dead skin cells and at the same time open the pores without irritating the skin unnecessarily.

6. Regular facial treatments in the beauty salon

You can use all of the methods mentioned above in the comfort of your own home. But if you want to permanently remove your skin impurities and give your skin a rejuvenation boost, this works best in a cosmetic studio. Most popular Facial treatmentthat we offer is that Microneedling Berlin Mitte. By gently perforating the stratum corneum and deeper layers of the skin, this treatment removes all impurities and is ideal for combination skin.  

These are two other effective methods Aquafacial Berlin Mitte and the Microdermabrasion Berlin Mitte. Both methods use a vacuum to shrink pores and deeply cleanse the skin.

Caring for combination skin: What should you pay attention to when wearing make-up?

Now nothing stands in the way of your skincare routine. But one thing is still missing so that you can exploit the full potential of your new skincare routine: choosing the right make-up. Oil-free and light products are best to avoid making the skin appear more oily than it already is. Oil-free foundations and mineral-based primers should not have too much coverage, otherwise many pores will become clogged and skin imperfections will appear.  

 Care for combination skin
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An excellent alternative to foundations are BB creams or tinted day creams. Unlike foundations, they provide moisture to dry areas without blocking pores that are already dilated due to increased sebum production. They also have an antibacterial effect and conceal the oily areas of the T-zone thanks to their mattifying effect.

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Used sparingly, powder also balances out oily areas of the face and significantly reduces shine. Impurities are covered and an even overall appearance is created. With all products you should pay attention to natural ingredients, a long-lasting mattifying effect and moisturizing properties.

Care for combination skin: The ingredients make the difference

People with combination skin need the right care for two different skin types Skin types find: A dry and an oily part. This requires products with special ingredients that address the needs of both features in order to create a balance in facial care. Witch hazel, for example, has an anti-inflammatory and skin-refining effect. Marigolds and marigolds have a similar effect on the skin Aloe vera. They provide moisture and balance out oily areas.


People with combination skin should make sure that creams and cleansing gels do not dry out or strain the skin excessively. Oil-free products with natural ingredients are particularly effective in caring for combination skin, as they soothe and strengthen facial skin at the same time. Daily cleansing, suitable sun protection and a healthy diet also help to balance the different areas of the face.

You should mostly avoid make-up and make sure that the products are oil-free when using them. Mattifying make-up is perfect for concealing shiny surfaces.

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