Thread technique

The threading technique, also known as threading, is a traditional method of hair removal that originated in the Middle East and South Asia. This technique has gained popularity worldwide in recent years, particularly for eyebrow shaping and facial hair removal. Threading offers a precise, effective and relatively gentle way to remove unwanted hair.

How it works

The thread technique uses a thin cotton or polyester thread. The thread is twisted and then passed over the surface of the skin, capturing unwanted hair at the root and pulling it out. The special technique of twisting the thread allows several hairs to be captured and removed at the same time, resulting in clean and precise lines.

Advantages of thread technology

  • Precision : Threading allows you to create very precise lines and is particularly effective for the eyebrows.
  • Gentle on the skin : Unlike waxing or the use of chemical hair removal creams , the threading technique does not burden the skin with chemicals or cause irritation from wax, making it a good choice for those with sensitive skin.
  • Long-lasting results : Hair is removed from the root, resulting in smoother skin and slower hair regrowth.
  • Hygiene : Because the thread is discarded after each use, the risk of cross-contamination is low.

Areas of application

While threading is particularly popular for shaping the eyebrows, it can also be used for other areas of the face such as the upper lip, chin and cheeks. Some experienced estheticians also use the technique on other areas of the body, although this is less common.


  • Pain : As with any method of root hair removal, threading can be perceived as painful, especially in particularly sensitive areas such as the eyebrow region.
  • Expertise Required : For optimal results, threading requires skill and experience. Improper use can lead to uneven results or skin irritation.
  • Possible Skin Reactions : Although threading is generally considered gentle, some people with sensitive skin may experience redness or small bumps in response to hair removal.


The threading technique is an effective, hygienic and precise method of hair removal that is particularly suitable for the face and eyebrows. It offers an excellent alternative to other hair removal methods, especially for those with sensitive skin. For best results, it is recommended to have this technique performed by an experienced professional.

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